Sony experiments with Firefox OS, allows developers to join in with Xperia E [VIDEO]


We often hear of OEMs “exploring” their options and “testing” other operating systems for consideration in future products, but it’s not so often those companies invite common developers along for the ride. Sony’s different, though, and it has braced the development community quite nicely as of late. The latest opportunity from Sony is here, and it allows developers who happen to have a Sony Xperia E to experiment with Firefox OS.

Sony’s desire to test Firefox OS comes in conjunction with Latin American carrier Telefonica. Firefox OS has been presented as a viable option for OEMs looking to provide phones for emerging markets. It’s an open, web-based operating system that harnesses the power of HTML 5 to provide a familiar development environment for developers.

With Firefox OS being so early along in development and without any third-party apps things don’t look too exciting just yet. Still, if you want to get a head start on developing your own apps for the platform this is a perfect way to do just that. This link has all you need — everything, from instructions for unlocking the Xperia E’s bootloader to flashing Firefox OS and building apps, is covered there. Be sure to give it a long look before proceeding.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “No match found. Retry?”

  2. Reminds me a lot of android. I’d rather have the real thing than a copy of it.

    1. Did you use it? It feels very different.

      1. Just from the video it looks similar; I don’t use it though.

  3. I wonder why comapnies even bother wasting money on a new OS. I mean do they really think there is room for more. Blackberry is almost dead, although there latest release is pretty cool. Windows phones will be a thing of the past soon as well. That leaves the big boys.. apple and android… And the winner is ….ANDROID

    1. Always room for more; at least the most innovative and useful, as voted by the public with sales dollars.

      With a “no more room” attitude, Android would never have been developed.

    2. Because it only needs 300-500Mhz, very cheap hardware. Carriers subsidize hundreds of $ for iOS/Android phones. They may push this to replace dumb/featurephones, not full blown smartphones. It’s up to carriers if this survives, not us.

      1. Carriers sure, but why would an OEM want such a low margin device? OEMs want devices they can charge top dollar for with high profit margins and high consumer demand and high loyalty.

        And, no. It is NOT up to the carriers if this survives. It IS up to us, the customer. If customers don’t want it, it won’t survive, no matter how much carriers want to shove their manure on us.

        1. Today’s high end phone will be tomorrow’s low end phone. Betting the future on today’s low end phone doesn’t sound like a great strategy.

    3. Just wondering, do you think MS is screwed, and Windows Phone dead?
      To be honest I wouldn’t mind it

  4. As much as I love android and what it has done, I am of the school of thought that it dominance in the smartphone space long term is not the best way forward… I really would like to see another OS like Ubuntu, firefox, QNX, Window etc dilute its dominance because this will force continued innovation across the board which leads to a win for us consumers.

    1. I would like to agree but I just don’t see how an HTML based OS could do that. We also have chrome OS and you know how that gets bashed here even though it is from Google.

    2. Why do you think skins and OEM apps exist in the first place? There is plenty of diversification and competition within the Android ecosystem to continue to push innovation forward. Why do you think we have 4G phones, SPen, quad core processors, Google Now, NFC, and high end cameras, and larger screens? Did you forget about the experiments with dual screens, Xperia Play, and 3d screens? The competition in the Android ecosystem pushed it there. All of the gesture based navigation in Ubuntu is already there in 3 party launchers like ADW and NOVA.

      Name THREE THINGS that any of the new phones have that some Android phone hasn’t already covered, tried, or doesn’t do now.

      1. So, you my friend are of the opinion that android should be the lone dominant OS & there isn’t additional room for improvement? Hmm, I guess you must know something the OEM, Carriers etc do not know because I can promise you that whether or not you agree or like it we’ll see the rise of other compelling mobile OS platform beyond android that will be supported by both the carriers & OEM.

        Don’t believe me? Just watch 0_0

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