Feb 27th, 2013

We often hear of OEMs “exploring” their options and “testing” other operating systems for consideration in future products, but it’s not so often those companies invite common developers along for the ride. Sony’s different, though, and it has braced the development community quite nicely as of late. The latest opportunity from Sony is here, and it allows developers who happen to have a Sony Xperia E to experiment with Firefox OS.

Sony’s desire to test Firefox OS comes in conjunction with Latin American carrier Telefonica. Firefox OS has been presented as a viable option for OEMs looking to provide phones for emerging markets. It’s an open, web-based operating system that harnesses the power of HTML 5 to provide a familiar development environment for developers.

With Firefox OS being so early along in development and without any third-party apps things don’t look too exciting just yet. Still, if you want to get a head start on developing your own apps for the platform this is a perfect way to do just that. This link has all you need — everything, from instructions for unlocking the Xperia E’s bootloader to flashing Firefox OS and building apps, is covered there. Be sure to give it a long look before proceeding.

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