Chrome for Android update brings improved scrolling performance


The Chrome for Android team has been quite busy lately. A new build for Android devices has come to the stable channel, it brings a lot of improvements and changes. The most notable change will be the improved scrolling performance in webpages. It’s a gripe many of us have had ever since the browser launched, and it’s one that Google hasn’t been as quick to address as other areas. The hatchet is buried for the time being now, though, so head to your favorite site and start flinging around to see just how much smoother it is.

Another big change is the increase in responsiveness to pinch-to-zoom on web pages. Again, it’s something we’ve all let out a slight moan about even if the implementation wasn’t bad enough to drive us away from the app. Other changes include faster interactive pages due to an update V8 javascript engine, continuous audio playback while Chrome is in the background (it will pause when a phone call is in progress, though), support for more HTML5 features, and more.

A few users are already raving about some of the changes in the Google Play Store so get over there and give it a whirl for yourself. For you new folks, it’s a free download, so if your stock browser, Firefox, Opera, or whatever other browser you currently prefer has been giving you trouble lately then you owe it to yourself to at least give it a shot.

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  1. error 927 neat!

  2. never had a problem with it since install. The problems with it are probably random, i doubt that many people had problems, only the complainers.

    1. I didn’t see much of a problem until I compared it against FF and the difference in scrolling was remarkable. Now it’s on par if not better.

    2. Performance has been quite variable on the devicessites I have used, but usually it has been acceptable, not great.

  3. So ok galaxy note 2 and i didnt see a difference ;/

    1. On the Note 2 as well….

      It seems to scroll better and zoom seems a bit better. YMMV though obviously.

      1. front page is laggy

  4. I’ve typically found Chrome to be terrible (laggy/slow/etc) on my phone compared to the stock ICS browser. I wonder with Chrome 25 if it’s at least on par. I’ll give it a shot.

    1. Me too….

      From the chrome beta known issues:

      “Performance is sluggish, noticeably on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S”

      Although this is a stable update, not beta, I hope today’s release fixes the problem (which I’ve experienced in both stable and beta channels).

  5. The beta version had blurry text when zoomed out. The same bug is now on the stable release. Chrome works great on my Nexus 4 but this update killed it. Firefox Beta until this gets fixed.

    1. I don’t have that issue on a GSII. Either stable or beta. Both are crystal clear.

      1. That’s good. It’s all over the Google Play store in some reviews.

    2. Omg this is so true. I was reading the comments on here and I was like”an I the only one? ?@!!!” Even here on phandroid the text is really blurred out! !! This update is a fail
      Edit: seems like only phandroid is affected

  6. Till Chrome has text wrapping and the ability to hide that big ass address bar.. no thanks. I’ll stick with the old stock browser on my rooted Nexus 4

    1. i do agree that there are some useful features in the stock browser that still hasn’t made it to chrome and google’s trying to make chrome the default browser at some point, wtf

  7. Thumbs ups, says my Nexus 4.

  8. Just browsing with it, and scrolling and zooming is fluid, but that is the case for Android stock browser and Firefox as well on my padfone 2. Swype seems to close down on textfields, like this one sometimes .

  9. Update fixed Chrome crashing whenever I would go to the new tabs page or swiping left/right to another tab on my HTC One X

  10. I’m still using the beta. should I not be anymore?

  11. I downloaded it again and I could tell a significant difference in better performance, not sure if I’ll use is as my regular browser though.

  12. I uninstalled Chrome..too many issues..will stick with Dolphin…..

  13. This is news?

  14. so is the Chrome Beta over with?

  15. Installed it and scrolling is nowhere near as smooth as dolphin browser. Already un installed it.


    1. ban this moron already

  17. chrome is very laggy , cant wait till it gets perfect , opera and dolphin for me as for now

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