Feb 22nd, 2013

If you’re a Motorola device owner and you’re ever curious about whether or not your device will get the latest version of Android, you have never really had to pull teeth in order to get that information. Motorola has long had a place for users to go to check the update status of their device, but it has never been the most easy site to navigate.

Thankfully, that changes today. Motorola has upgraded its Android software upgrade site with a straightforward sorting system. Select your country, then your carrier, and then your phone. After that, Motorola spits out information about whichever device you’re looking for.

Taking it for a quick spin, I’ve learned that the original DROID RAZR is still slated to receive Jelly Bean 4.1 in the first quarter of this year. Sprint’s Motorola Photon Q is still on track for Jelly Bean 4.1, though an exact time frame hasn’t been given. If I owned the original Photon 4G or any other eligible device, I could upgrade to a newer Motorola phone using the $100 rebate phone. If my phone isn’t listed, then I can pretty much expect it to remain dead in water.

It’s a lot more than other manufacturers are willing to do, so even if you aren’t happy with the status of your device’s upgrade track you should be thankful Motorola’s provided this resource. Bookmark it here, and check your own phone from time to time if you’re ever curious.

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