Feb 22nd, 2013

If you have been living under a rock for the past few days, HTC introduced the HTC One this past Tuesday. Along with the HTC One, though we’ve gotten a new version of HTC Sense to sit on top of Android 4.1. The latest version is 5.0, and it introduced many great new features. The biggest change will be BlinkFeed, a home-screen feed which aggregates content from your social networks and over 1,400 different news sources to deliver the news and content you care about the most.

As great as it looks, we’re sure not everyone is going to like it. One of the biggest questions regarding BlinkFeed was whether or not it could be disabled. Folks fear BlinkFeed will take up valuable system resources and consume unnecessary network data, so they stormed HTC’s blog with questions to see what could be done about making sure it’s not interfering with their lives.

Thankfully, HTC responded, and we now have a more clear idea of what users can do to bypass BlinkFeed. For starters, BlinkFeed is your default home-screen, but you can specify your own default home-screen if you’re not fond of this behavior. Secondly, you can disable some or all elements of BlinkFeed if you so choose. In the case of disabling all of its elements, it sounds like you’ll be able to manipulate the home-screen it occupies by either deleting it or replacing it with another home-screen.

You can’t blame HTC for trying to innovate, but you can’t blame users for not being receptive to that innovation, either. Let us know if BlinkFeed is something you’re looking forward to or if you’ll be looking forward to disabling it the first chance you get.

[via AndroidForums.com, thanks EarlyMon!]

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