Sony shows glimpse of Android tablet connectivity at PlayStation 4 unveiling


Sony’s PlayStation event is going on right now, and the company has just announced the PlayStation 4! The games look great and the hardware sounds exciting, but Sony had a little something in-store for us Android-loving folks. Showing off the PlayStation 4’s powerful social features, Sony gave us a quick glimpse at a social app for tablets and smartphones. The folks at PlayStation EU have confirmed that via Twitter.

You’ll seemingly be able to connect with your friends even when you’re away from your console. We’re not sure what sort of features we’ll be getting on the go, but we imagine we’ll have access to profiles and, at the very least, the ability to exchange messages and chat with our friends.

We also saw a glimpse of an Android tablet during the demo of Sony’s new DRIVECLUB game. The tablet was shown to be running an app that lets you catch up on others in your “club,” allowing you to see who’s racing at a given time and getting updates on their progress. Since it was a simulated demo and the transitions were quick we couldn’t exactly tell how the functionality worked, but it would be awesome to be able to not only navigate that social menu from our phones and tablets, but also to initiate gameplay.

Sony didn’t go into too much detail regarding the social apps or tablet connectivity, but we’ll be seeking more information from those in charge. If you want more immediate coverage of everything that was announced tonight, park it right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Was planning on getting the new Xbox but Android integration has me taking a second look at the Playstation 4.

    1. I must have missed that part, what did they say about Android integration? You referring to the social apps?

      1. They said that ANDROID. And iOs devices will allow you to have a secondary screen. Like the wii U. Also, some games will have android and iOS apps to accompany each game. One game was Club Racer..the app on the phone will allow to create challenges for people around the world to try out…..i see this as a win for sony!

        1. hardly a win. More like just trying to stay relevant. The social aspect of gaming has been around for a few years now, along with the ability to use a tablet or phone with your television to interact. Hell, people post bejeweled scores on Facebook (social setting). Sony and the others are just trying to bring to their products what is already the norm in a tech savvy society. People should expect or demand this for any future consoles or even tablets. WeeeeYOU already tried it and microsoft has already shown some social interaction with the aging 360. Again.. not a win, just staying relevant.

          1. The more people using Android, the better.

    2. because you haven’t seen the new xbox your point is invalid.

      1. Very true & good point. I am making a (maybe false) assumption the Xbox will have Windows Mobile integration. It may well have Android in addition to that =)

    3. You might want to rethink that strategy. No playing used game on Xbox’s or bringing your disc over to a friend’s house to play. Even if you don’t buy used games, sell old games, or have any friends, that’s not a business model that needs supporting. If people do support it then the console makers will make that the norm.

      1. I know you disagree but it’s fine by me. I don’t like disks or buy used games anyway. I hope all future platforms move to download-only formats.

      2. admitting that i haven’t kept up on the news of the newest consoles this time around i am skeptical of the no used discs claim. my main reason is I’m wondering how the box would know if a disc was used or not.

  2. beside final fantasy, nothing interest me.

    1. Who even knows when that will come out. I bet you most of the titles they showed will not be out till 2014.

  3. And yet when it came to the actual machine they showed the grand total of bugger all!

  4. That was 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Too much in the coming year and in the future for me. Nothing is ready now. No price info, no set date on availability. Seemed like to me they were trying to announce everything to try and take the edge off of Microsoft when they announce an show a actual built console.

    So when Microsoft says what they can do, Sony will try and say they announced it first. They also copied a lot of the Wii U. I despised the controller, other than the share button, it looked clunky and awkward. No set date given, a flash at the end of Holiday 2013 and no pricing info. If what i’m reading is true, $450 and $499 this will fail.

    1. screw microsoft, i dislike everything from there phones to tablets and even xbox. Android/Playstation for life

      1. education system failed you. People shouldn’t have brand loyalty or hatred that easy without something missing upstairs.

    2. PS3 was overpriced and little games for it the first 6 months it was out. PS4 will do the same. Sony continues to miss the mark when it comes to marketing and having a good forward thinking business plan. Their brand peaked by 2000 then the ipod, xbox and better dslrs crumbled their tiny world within a few short years. Sony is too big and trying to find some sort of relevance. Still, I think they will succeed with the PS4 better than Nintendo has succeeded at anything over the past 10 years. Nintendo will file for bankruptcy within 3 years. Sorry tiny Japanese company. not everyone wants ANOTHER half-baked zelda or mario. Japanime with alternative lifestyle-mannerism characters is played out.

      1. Are you high or just purposely ignoring facts?

        P.S. How’s that HD DVD player working out for you?

  5. might have to bite if and when uncharted 4 is announced

  6. I’ve always been an xbox guy personally. It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds with the new xbox and playstation.

  7. The ps4 is only a ps3 and onlive in one box nothing new at all

    1. you need to shush. even an idiot is deemed wise when he does not speak.

      1. and yet you keep speaking. he speaks the truth. Sometimes people can’t handle the truth and lash out like a tiny child in trapped in a chubby body.

  8. 8 gigs of GDDR5 was enough for me to hand over my wallet. killzone ate crysis 3 for lunch visually. Integration with our android devices is icing on the cake.

  9. Onlive has android app.spectating .record play and share with your friends.mutiview.all the things added to the ps4 so its nothing new

  10. Really…Nintendo and Bankruptcy? Nintendo hands down won last gen with the Wii look at sales and number of units moved! 3ds, while slow start is still dominating the handheld market and gaining faster momentum. Wii U while slow due to no games will have almost a year up on the next gen with great games coming this holiday. I like all my gaming devices like pc, xbox, vita, ps3 but I feel a disconnect with sony. Tablet support like xbox smartglass, social like mii verse, and move like Wii. To succeed you need to find a niche and exoloit it, quit trying to steal from other markets. Nintendo is creative, Microsoft has a wounderfull console interface, while Sony has identity crisis.

    1. Nintendo has become the Apple of the Console world. High sales with an inferior product and an almost cult-like following.

      1. not even close. nintendo never pretended to have the most powerful or best console. they admitted that the wii was not “next gen” at launch. They priced it accordingly. additionally, They initiated the motion gaming revolution through INNOVATION….something that apple doesnt do. and theyre trying a completely new route with the WiiU. and the cult like following as you called it isnt because of popularity or being a status symbol (xbox really is more THAT crowd honestly), but because they created lovable characters that have lasted generations. the high sales are a result of these qualities. just because something sells well doesnt mean they are “just like apple”

        i guess the only way you are close AT ALL is that nintendo caters to casual gamers, ala apple with their phones, and that they freakin get you with accessories. but even with that they make everything backwards compatible for at least one generation (8-12 years of consistency). so the price works out.

        1. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ lol

          1. To tell you the truth while I despise tech hate/fanboyism towards any company, I feel it is a needed competitive drive that keeps said market alive and moving forward. I try to be optimistic with all companies as competition keeps them trying to out perform each other and the consumer wins. When companies are content with their products we consumers take a hit… we are not able to buy the next great thing at such a frivolous pace. I look at the mobile market the same as the game market. Without Apple it’s hard to say where cellphone tech would be today, they paved the road now Android is traveling that paved road and building cities, expanding, and dominating. Same with the game market, Nintendo paved the way, set a model, created an audience and now new and hungry competitors are trying to make their voice be heard. Nintendo still proves to be Innovative, but they are evolving into their own idea of what they want to deliver. Same with Microsoft and their Xbox. They started the whole “consoles can do more than game, I feel they have successfully ushered in a media console. Nintendo brought motion control to the masses, and Sony brought awesome video capabilities (blu-ray) and power(although developers grew frustrated at the difficulty to learn how to code for them). I don’t think it’s fair to try to lift one company above another, but to see what each brings to the table and what fits our individuals taste.

  11. if Sony get the pricing right for the ps4 i think it will sell seriously well.

    Games look incredibly beautiful, great looking specs under the hood, I actually like the controller (people need to give this a chance and actually feel the thing before passing judgement and just saying it looks crap).

    Looks like they have really though through the features on this and the Android phone/tablet integration is only a bonus in my books.

    Going to have some fun this Christmas (as long as Sony hits their holiday 2013 target).

    Microsoft will need to seriously knock my socks off to make me want to get their next gen offering over this.

  12. Nintendo- for little kids. Games are boring and too simple. Wii was fun but got old just like ps move and kinect. gaming is gaming and should be done with a controller from the chair.

    XBOX – Money hungry. You buy the xbox then have to buy battery packs to charge them, then you have to buy xbox live ( I know its cheap, but when you have a competitor whos is free then this becomes a point) , then you have the flashing lights of death which have not been fixed (because they want you to spend cash on your products). PLus no bluray and title for title they are equal to ps.

    I own all three and find myself using the ps 100 percent more. the wii the collects dust. I wont buy the new PS unless there is more players per online game. Gaming is becoming boring and slow. No real movement forward for a long time. Title after title just copying each other just like consoles. i really could care less about any type of social internet. I have a phone, If i want to know what your doing Ill call or text. I don’t need to read 50 post a hour about your dog dragging his butt. They need to focus on gaming more and less on how to interact with the game. 60 players per online room = win , making games where your character can interact with another persons seamlessly = win( no prompt) wii , kinect , ps move = fail

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