Otterbox already planning HTC One cases


Wondering whether or not you’ll be able to buy an Otterbox for your HTC One ahead of the phone’s launch? While some phones launch without any promise of support from Otterbox (they usually go by consumer demand), the HTC One seems to have gotten the case manufacturer’s attention right away. Coming soon pages for several HTC One cases — including Defender and Commuter designs — have been put up on the company’s website.

You’ll be able to get the Commuter in a multitude of colors, including Black, Glacier, Steel Blue, Lilac, and Punked. The Defender, on the other hand, is coming in Black, Glacier, Blushed and Punked. Finally, a separate RealTree color scheme will be available, and it’ll dress your HTC One up in camouflage goodness. I’m not sure what sort of market there is for that vomit of colors, but there it is anyway.

You can expect the Defender cases to cost you about $50, add $10 for the RealTree defender, and the Commuter cases will be $15 cheaper. It’s a bit pricey, but once you slap an Otterbox onto your device it virtually wipes out any fears you have of your phone breaking due to a fall. Head to Otterbox to throw your email address into the hat so you can be sure you’re notified once these cases drop.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Every time I see an Otterbox on a phone a little piece of me dies.

    1. I know! How hard is it to hold on to your phone?!

      1. pretty hard if your me all of my devices have cases one being an otterbox

    2. Even though aesthetics are near the bottom of the list of important features on a phone for myself,it’d be a damn shame to cover this one up w/any kind of case.

      Only if you plan on re-selling this phone in hopes of getting back a decent amount of $,otherwise,this phone shouldn’t need a case.

      Screen protection may be another issue,depending on the material used .

    3. All the hundred of thousands of dollars in design wasted by an ugly overpriced case that is $40…
      Yeah I also hate Otterbox cases.

      1. I especially love when iPhone users talk about how gorgeous their phone is and how Apple uses premium material, then BAM! otterbox.

        1. The iPhone is gorgeous and Apple does use premium material. People just like to protect their investments. There are otterboxes for tons of Android devices as well and I see them all over the place. I dont really see what Apple has to do with this conversation.

          1. I was actually agreeing that it was gorgeous. I’m not going to lie. But when you put on an otterbox it makes it hideous. It’s like buying an expensive piece of art and putting a trash bag over it because it will get dusty.

            The main reason I brought up Apple is because its looks are a major selling point & talking point, as is thinness, yet so many of those people that talk about looks cover their phones with ugly bulky cases.

            Also because Apple people love to criticize “cheap plasticy” Android phones (even when it’s not true in a lot of cases nowadays), but they cover their phone in cheap plasticy cases that look 100 times worse than any Android phone out there.

        2. I dont understand why the 40+ dollar cases fall apart so fast. The rubber becomes floppy and useless after just a few months.

      2. A better compromise are Incipio, Seido, or UrbanArmor tpu/silicone hybrid cases. Less than half the thickness for almost all the same protection.

        1. I love the incipio. I have had one since my vivid then one x now one x+. I can’t wait to put one on my one lol

  2. My otterbox defender for my gs3 is one of the worse case I’ve ever bought. The outer rubber part no longer fit the inner plastic case after month and a half of use.

  3. Ugliest cases on the market.

  4. Yeah, these cases add a whole lotta bulk!!!

  5. ugly as usual. that and they don’t last at all, one drop and watch em crack. ballistic FTW!

    1. Ballistic does make a damn decent case. They actually deliver what Otterbox promises at a fraction of the price.

      1. I’m currently using a ballistic smooth for my htc one s. its slim, stylish, grips well and offers great protection all for $15

        1. I had the shell gel for my Galaxy S3 and now lately I’ve been rocking the smooth series as well. Ballistic makes an awesome case, that’s for sure

  6. how bout a fckin otter box for the XPERIA Z Otter Box I don’t see u making any other SONY phone otter boxes

  7. Two different cases for this phone and one for the Z10, yet none for the Nexus 4. Suck it Otterbox.

  8. Otterbox is crap.

  9. Would have been nice if they released something for the Nexus 4. oh well. My Ballistic case is probably way better than anything they would have made.

  10. That’s 5 months of Black Tie..

  11. 一定要這麼醜嗎? isfu

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