Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 gets Jelly Bean rollout


HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Thunderbolt proved that a device is never too old to receive modern updates. Thankfully for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 users, Samsung feels the same way. The original international Galaxy Note has started to receive an OTA upgrade that will bring the device up to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

It appears Samsung is hitting some key markets in Asia with the upgrade first as folks in Hong Kong and Taiwan are reportedly receiving it. We’re also said to expect our German friends to have access to it. It’s available via over-the-air or via Samsung Kies, the company’s desktop synchronization software.

We assume Samsung is readying the upgrade for other regions as well, though carrier-specific rollouts will likely happen at the discretion of said carriers. Most European carriers tend to be quick with upgrades, but without any formal announcements or promises we can’t quite pinpoint a date.

The Galaxy Note is slated to receive all the great features of Android 4.1 — such as Google Now, Project Better, and expanded notifications — as well as some of the latest TouchWiz-specific features such as the “nature” UX, multi-window, an improved S Note experience, Paper Artist and more.

It’s a pretty big upgrade, and quite frankly we’re a bit surprised to see Samsung offering users of its previous generation Note some of the same features that made the Galaxy Note 2 such a big deal. It just goes to show that not all companies are keen on saving their latest software innovations for their newest devices. Be sure to report to this thread over at AndroidForums.com and let all the eager Note owners know if you’re able to pull the upgrade down. Don’t forget to let us know which region you’re in so we can get a better idea of where, exactly, Samsung has started to push it.

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  1. that’s pretty awesome. especially since i think it released with gb. gives me hope that my note 2 will see klp and possibly even further updates.

  2. Maybe hope for the first galaxy tab 10.1

  3. it’s project butter not better

  4. This is Samsung, whatever you thought you knew about them is gone now, you’re dealing with a machine now. It’s cranking out new superphones and updates to match

  5. luxtechblog.blogspot.com

  6. I’m using a “test” 4.1.2 Android version in my Note since November, that is perfectly stable and not very different from the final version posted today. They delayed the update for some months, I think to push the Note 2 sales, but it is good that at the end they support a phone that is 1+ year old (but still under production in some countries) and sold more than 10M units.

  7. Waitting Update in India :(

  8. updated but can’t get past the android setup wizard even after a full data reset (never gets past either ‘Just a sec’ when adding google account from scratch, or ‘add your name to personalise’ step when re-attempting). might try the november rom to see if can get that to work.

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