What’s the next phone worth waiting for? [POLL]


It’s an exciting time in the smartphone world. Mobile World Congress kicks off at the end of the month. Samsung is holding an Unpacked event mid March. It looks like the new HTC One (M7) is set to launch March 22nd. Google I/O is coming in May. Heck, even rumors of the next iPhone have started heating up.

With all of these upcoming events and releases, I find myself facing a personal dilemma. I’m eager for an upgrade, but what is the phone worth waiting for? Here is the shortlist:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S IV
  • The HTC One (M7)
  • The ‘X Phone’
  • The next iPhone (5s, 6?) 

Samsung Galaxy S IV: 

I was not a huge Samsung fan until the Galaxy S III. The phone offered great specs and was sexy to boot. The S3 has stood the test of time as it could be argued that it’s still the best all-around phone on the market. The S4 looks to build off of the success of its predecessor with rumored specs including a 4.99-inch (can we just call it 5-inch?) 1080p Super AMOLED display. There are currently conflicting reports on the chipset the next Galaxy will use, be it the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. Either way Samsung will sell boatloads of these when it launches sometime after the rumored mid-May launch event. 

The HTC One (M7)

Build quality has been a hallmark of HTC and made me a fan of their phones. The HTC One X is a high point in smartphone design. The company’s trademark Sense UI adopts a new modern look for version 5.0, a look I find very attractive.  The HTC One/M7 is rumored to have all the modern specs including a 4.7 inch 1080p HD display, 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset. HTC is including a new camera that uses three 4.3 megapixel sensor layers placed on top of each other making up a 13 megapixel image. The One/M7 will likely be announced February 19th (tomorrow!), sporting a skin that looks decidedly iPhone-esque. 

The ‘X Phone’

The mysterious X Phone is thought to be the first product with Google’s direct influence since it acquired Motorola Mobility in May 2012. Rumored specs are, of course, off the charts, but perhaps most interesting are comments Google CEO Larry Page made during a quarterly earnings call. “In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless,” he said, “battery life is a huge issue…when you drop your phone it shouldn’t go splat. There’s a real potential to invent new and better experiences.” Questions about the X Phone’s status as a Nexus device will likely have to wait till Google I/O on May 15th.

The Next iPhone:

Why look at the next iPhone? The iPhone 5 might not have been the most radical upgrade Apple could have offered, but rumors suggest Apple might have some tricks up its sleeve. Customers have been moving to bigger screens, and it’s widely thought that the iPhone will move to a 4.8″ screen, or Apple could offer multiple screen sizes. With the competition surpassing the iPhone in many respects, I’m interested in what we will see out of Apple’s iPhone 5s or 6. Android fans would be remiss to think that Apple would continue to be upstaged. The company has mountains of cash and some of the world’s best designers on staff.


I have covered the phones I am most excited for, but they are not the only show in town. Some new devices will make their debut at Mobile World Congress, I expect Chinese Manufacturers, Huawei and ZTE to make some moves And Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z made its debut at CES and looks like the bee’s knees.

Many of us have suffered smartphone purchase regret. You do your research, wait for a killer phone, only to see a better option released a month later. With all of these awesome devices coming out over the next few months, this could be one of most important times to wait for the right phone.

Jump in the poll and tell us what phone is worth waiting for.

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Dave Osgood
Growing up in Phoenix Arizona, then serving in the U.S. Army, David Osgood is a Business Analyst for Fortune 100 companies and Contributing Author for Phandroid.com. David has an interest in trend forecasting and futurism. He enjoys hiking, snowboarding, cooking and art.

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    1. Note 3 ? ;)

      1. Meeeeeee!!!!! :)

    2. This is tough for me. I am using the Galaxy S3 but HTCs latest is looking prettyyy attractive. And this xphone could be incredibly awesome as well. Cannot wait till this summer to see how great these phones are.

      1. It looks very attractive until you realize 3 things from HTC’s history shows:
        1. It’ll never get updates
        2. It’ll have a locked bootloader
        3. It won’t be a simple product line that supports all carriers unbranded and unbloated

        1. On the contrary, My Evo LTE gets a lot of support (from carrier and community), locked bootladers is mostly the carrier’s fault, and with the new HTC M7 series, hopefully they’ll have the same device on all carriers.

        2. 1. Says who? Look at the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Also the One X has Jellybean (not in the US, but guess what? That’s AT&T’s fault)
          2. Most likely. But didn’t they used to have an unlocker tool? I know that other manufacturers are coming out with phones with locked bootloaders also, so I also feel that is mainly a carrier problem. Maybe if HTC releases it on all carriers like Samsung did, they can have more freedom if it sells well.
          3. Well we aren’t sure about that until it comes out. When the Galaxy S2 came out it had different looks to it (US version had no physical button), but on the Galaxy S3 they finally released it on all carriers with the exact same look and name. Maybe HTC will finally be able to do that this time?

          Don’t knock them until the phone comes out. We’ll see what happens.

        3. my EVO 3D got an update to ICS…which was nice :)

    3. Xphone or next nexus for me……would be best if xphone was next nexus

      1. I reckon the Nexus line will be for cheaper devices like the Nexus 4 while the X Phone will match the price of S3 with groundbreaking specs.

        1. The nexus has groundbreaking specs already

          1. minus camera and battery

            1. And storage.

            2. 50Gb free with Box, and I don’t see other companies bringing “ground-breaking” storage options to the market… I would consider 128Gb and up to be “ground-breaking” for that option (and Apple doesn’t count, they’ve brought options like that to market since the original iPod).

            3. Cloud storage/streaming on limited data plans makes no sense.

            4. True, but that’s why you go with the unlimited prepaid plans (yes, they may be soft limits, but you’ll always have data at least) and leave WiFi on. I use maybe 1Gb per month on my unlimited plan (it’s HSPA+ which is way slower than my home/work connection), so I don’t have an issue with that. For those that do have an issue with that, yes, I can understand your point.

            5. That’s why it’s being sold on T-Mobile. (unlimited data). But you know what REALLY makes no sense? LTE on limited data plans.

            6. makes perfect sense over wifi, my HTC ONE S automatically connects to whatever wifi im near , so i barely use any data.

            7. Yes. Over wifi. Not everyone has access to wifi at work, or when they are driving etc.

            8. Agreed

          2. When did it ever have groundbreaking specs? If anything it has always been on the tail of the current-gen.

            X might be the start of their “flagship” android brand. Nexus has always been a “reference” device.

            Think of it this way:

            Nexus: Where you start from. (The first device with this OS…every phone after it with that OS will likely have better specs)

            X: How far it can go. (The device every other device tries to be.)

            1. So a quad core is now so last year’s high-end model? No, that trend will likely continue (albeit with an A15 or A15 type design). The S4 Pro was (and remains) the fastest quad core processor on the market today, and it was the Nexus/Optimus G that brought that to market. So the screen was only 720p, but that’s still a great screen. Wireless charging was included, it has Miracast support. It’s definitely a ground-breaking device.

            2. Don’t forget the 2gigs of RAM and of course ANDROID 4.2.2 (the most important spec)

            3. It launched with 4.2.2???

            4. *laughing*

              You fanboys are funny.

              “and it was the Nexus/Optimus G that brought that to market.”

              Well, at least you got them in the correct order. Nexus didn’t launch it…Optimus G did.

              The point, which you missed in your knee-jerk defense of the Nexus: It was the baseline for all future phones releasing with JB. The posit was simply that the X might not be the starting point, but rather targeted well above that.

              …and now you can go back to telling everyone how awesome the Nexus is…

            5. Hmmmm you got an Iphone..? =)

            6. I gotta ask: What the hell made you think that?? Seriously..where did you even get that idea?

              No; I do not have an iPhone (as if it were even relevant to the discussion)…do you?

              In my family there are currently 3 Fascinates, 2 LG Spectrums, 1 VZW Galaxy “Nexus”, and one Galaxy S III.

              Two of the Fascinates are being used as alarm-clocks (both running Jellybean, amazingly enough), the other is my daughter’s phone (stock GB).

              The LG Spectrums are used by my Son and I. Mine is running CM10.1, his is still stock ICS…for now (waiting on official CM10.1 support – could be next week).

              My wife is using the Galaxy S III (stock).

              The Galaxy Nexus is sitting on my nightstand…unused and unloved. My next phone will probably be either an S IV or the X.

            7. That’s an interesting way to look at it. I like it.

            8. Just a guess.

              …or a hope? A yearly “X” device of that caliber would be very nice.

          3. I didn’t expect to cause such controversy! Yeh sure the Nexus 4 had *some* ground-breaking specs but my point was that it was still a $299 non-subsidized phone. Imagine if they kept the same profit margin but made a $600 phone – it’d blow the Nexus 4 out the water and that’s what I think the X Phone will be.

        2. This occurred to me as well. We might be looking at a new brand of device.

          Nexus would be the low-cost, carrier-free, direct from Google, AOSP device.

          X would be the high-end, new experience, (carrier subsidized?), flagship. (possibly *not* AOSP supported)

      2. I’ve been a nexus fan for the last 3 phones I’ve had, but I am getting tired of waiting for accessories to come to market. Always takes 6 months for official docks to arrive. Google have to get their arse in gear or I’m jumping ship. Ubuntu phone here I come.

    4. The X phone. Google is saying that this device is not like any other Android device. Imagine the device not being open-sourced. Ooo!! Let me not scare myself. Google wouldn’t do that to me.

      2nd is the Galaxy S and Note series. AND my contract expires this year!! I’ve been saying that quite often lately, but I’m just so excited. I finally will have the money to get something really nice. =.D

    5. I like to be on the cutting edge and will hold out for the X Phone. That said, I fell for the Galaxy Nexus and have been very disappointed with it. The radios and battery life are terrible. It’s a damn sexy phone but those are 2 of the most important features IMO.

    6. If the X Phone launches on VZW, that will most likely be my next phone, just hope it is running a non-skinned Android OS. Otherwise GSIV all the way.

    7. I hope the HTC Hero returns with a ginormous 3.7inch screen, maybe even qHD resolution, that would be a dream

    8. Sold my Galaxy Nexus for the Nexus 4 and could not be any happier.

    9. Note 3 baby!!

    10. The next Nexus device.

    11. Give me a qwerty with some decent specs, then I’ll get excited. All these phones are just the next latest slab with the then latest specs. Other than the Galaxy Note with the pen, all these phones have very little to really differentiate themselves with.

    12. Not sure why Note 3 is not on the list. Sammy is putting their latest and greatest into Note series. I bet it will trump all of them on this list.

    13. The next iPhone will be Apple’s best yet. Still, that’s like saying that the next stone axe will be the best yet.

      1. Apple’s best is still far behind the actual best though.

        1. Thanks for clarifying the incredibly clear original statement.

          1. That comment is like the iphone. It came after but still not as good.

      2. I for one cannot wait for the next iPhone. I love watching Apple take second place.

        1. What I love is watching the disappointment on the faces of Apple fans every time a new iPhone comes out and it still sucks. priceless ! lol

          1. I have said it before. I think iPhone users are starting to sneakily switch over to android. No one ever tries contesting to me anymore that their iPhone is better than my nexus.

    14. X phone. As long as it gets a UK release…

    15. X phone with 5 inch HD 1080p display, 13 MP HD camera, LTE enabled any network like iphone, available at Play store for $400 to $500, Key lime pie, NFC..

    16. Welcome Mr. Oz.

      I’m waiting for the X-Phone or the next Nexus, but will be really tempted to get the Xperia Z if it comes out in the states in the next month. I wouldn’t mind the Z for 6-8 months, then sell for the X or Nexus phone.

    17. I hate my Samsung s3 can I get the new htc or the x phone please? I am honestly thinking the Htc One will be my next new phone unless Google creates something that has never been seen before..

      1. Really? Curious as to why you hate the S3? Thinking about getting the wife an S4.

    18. I would have chosen the X Phone, but I am not sure if this will be a Stock Android with all the updates or not. Being a Nexus user, it is important to me to get these updates, and know that my phone/device has some sort of longevity.

    19. X phone or sg4. I have the att htc one x now and love it but the updating us killing me. I know I can root like I’ve done in the past but rather not have to.

    20. I voted other. I have a Note 2 and do not care.

      1. Hahaha, I totally feel ya. I wouldn’t even bother with the just released htc one. I’d pick the note 2 over that anyday.

    21. X Phone, not question about it.

    22. Interested in the X

    23. Either the next iPhone or the GS4

    24. Xperia Z

    25. Note 3 or XPhone

    26. Note 3 without a doubt.

    27. X-Phone or the next version of the Nexus line will be my next device. Vanilla Android or GTFO =)

    28. Xphone massive battery new apparently fantastic camera & not a Massive screen.

    29. I’ve got a Nexus 4 and a Note 2 so I’m good… for now.

    30. Waiting for the X-phone and then the Note 3. Most excited for the X-phone but the Note 3 will probably be the most functional for my needs.

    31. A phone/car convergence, phone mounted to dash, reflecting off of a transparent, touch material, built into the windshield. That way, you can touch your windshield, and control whatever.

    32. Will the X Phone defend a world that fears and hates it?

      1. who hates it? It’s not even out yet. baseless comment.

    33. Note 3 == Other

      They’re all great phones (‘cept for the iToy), but Samsung wins in my book for as long as they deign to keep the MICRO SD slot & removable battery.

      If ALL phones went with sealed batteries, I could probably live with that, by buying the device with the most mAh’s (Maxx or Note), and by bringing along an external battery pack for longer trips. But if ALL phones removed the MICRO SD slot too, I’d freak out since that gives ’em license to overcharge even more for internal storage increments compared to adding a cheap class10 64GB (and soon 128GB) SDXC card yourself.

      1. Removable batteries also extend the life of the phone beyond the two or so years the battery can be recharged. I wonder what my Nexus 7 will be useful for in four or five years. It’ll work great for some tasks — as long as it is hooked up to a 2A USB power source?

        1. the battery in the nexus 7 is somewhat removable if you haven’t tried you can remove the back cover with little effort it just pry off and the battery is connected by a simple cable.

          1. Thanks, Chuckles. I didn’t know that. I expect in a couple of years replacement batteries for the N7 will be quite popular.

            1. You’re welcome. I would imagine as well.

    34. Note 3 baby!

    35. I’m hoping the 2013 Nexus 4 will include KLP, and most importantly, LTE and support for ALL US carriers. Also thinner, lighter, better camera, better screen (but please not bigger) and just an overall more impressive design than the current one.

      But please Google, add another SKU with LTE/CDMA to support ALL US carriers like your competition does.

    36. X Phone all the way

    37. Nexus 6(contract ends dec. 2014)

    38. I’ve been a fan of HTC for the reasons mentioned in the article. However, HTC could really improve their sales and impact the industry by offering an unlocked Android phone that works on all of the major carriers. In other words: A Nexus competitor with LTE.

    39. it would be the new LG Optimas G Pro just anounced it has all the specs that would need in a smartphone. #Thisismynextphone

    40. luxtechblog.blogspot.com

    41. I can’t see anything that going to be any better than the note 2 for me

    42. Note III and Motorola X.

    43. I wish the Note 3 was on the list, cause that is def my top choice followed by the X-Phone if it materializes in the future.

    44. Android forum of course pure google whens

    45. I’m excited for the s4 but if the x is anything like the rumors, it could easily be my next phone. Htc has lost all hope in my opinion

    46. The X Phone would be my choice but Verizon will never get it.

    47. Note 3, forget other phones(for the next 12 months)

    48. Galaxy note 3, bishes!

    49. any GREAT phone with a PHYSICAL QWERTY Keyboard.


      SMS. =)

    51. X phone……

    52. In order from most exciting to least:

      1: Xperia Z/ZL/Note 3 (tie)
      2: X Phone
      3: Huawei ascend mate
      4: S4
      5: Optimus G Pro (5.5″)

      iPhone 5S/6 And new HTC flagship (I refuse to call it the HTC One until it’s officially named – but that’s a different topic) don’t even make the list.

    53. Its between the Galaxy S4 and the X phone for me. Google better kick Moto into gear though because I’ve had some irritating experiences with previous Moto devices.

    54. One that will get updated to the newest version in a realistic time frame.

    55. X-Phone all the way! I hope Google brings the noise with this phone!

    56. Well I’m getting the Xperia Z, it’s a beautiful phone with decent specs, I could wait for the Google X but I’ll always be waiting for the next best thing!

    57. Other: Sorry to necro a phrase from the ‘dumbphone’ days but, “I want a phone that’s just a phone!” or in other words, a small <4" screen with great battery life, powerhouse performance and great ppi. Who wants to live in an age where a phone needs a phone!?

    58. “conflicting reports on the chipset the next Galaxy will use” ?

      S3 International is Exynos and US / LTE is Qualcomm.

      IMO same for S4 and Note3, and for the same reasons.

      But,… will Sprint include an analog and HD FM radio as part of the 30 million phone deal with broadcasters ? You’d think so, if the deal is going anywhere. (Many may not care, but I do.)

      1. I believe the S3 came with Snapdragon processors because of Exynos not having an LTE compatible chip at the time. Which has been remedied, as seen by the Galaxy Note II having an Exynos chipset.

    59. OBVIOUSLY, the Next best phone is coming out in November of this year. It will be the New Nexus Phone………….. how in the world did Dave Oz forget to put that in the poll?

    60. The Note III of course.

      Nothing else matters.

    61. WOW! NO love for HTC? I am a bit surprised to see HTC not doing all that well in the poll!

      1. Same. Hoping they up the battery life and either have 32 or 64GB or bring back the SD card slot. All of that would make me want it. Oh, and if it comes out on the big 4 carriers under one name at one time.

    62. Xperia ZL

    63. I just got the note 2 so I going to wait and see about maybe a note 3 or whatever comes out by the time im ready to upgrade again.

    64. Waiting for my Nexus 4, depending on specs might be getting the next Nexus this year anyways, going to stick with the Nexus line as much as possible

    65. For me, it’s the Droid 5 (if it exists/will exist). I’m still hooked on the Droid 4, even with the pretty new/vastly superior Samsung test devices on my desk. I’m just addicted to being able to compose emails and code in landscape view with the full display available, and being able to do it without looking at the keyboard.

      I think I’m in the minority on this.

      Only rumor I can find is: http://droid-hive.com/index.php?/topic/1372-rumor-motorola-droid-5-yes-another/ I have no idea if that is a random person making something up or a frequent source of good info.

    66. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or LG Optimus G Pro.

    67. The next phone worth waiting for will be the Nexus that shrinks back down to 4.3″ or less, but still has specs that smoke the competition. I simply cannot go any larger than Galaxy Nexus. It has to start shrinking again… and if it doesn’t by the time the GNex loses official Google updates, I may have to abandon the Nexus life for something humbler…

    68. Cannot wait to see/ read more about google’s X phone!!!
      I currently have the Samsung galaxy s3 however as much as I love the note, the screen is a bit too big for me to use as a phone…

    69. S4

    70. ne-X-us

    71. I’m going with whoever has the best camera. Done.

      1. I’m hoping it’s HTC!

    72. If the X phone is not a Nexus, I probably won’t be interested.

    73. I won’t be upgrading my phone anymore, only if it breaks. RAZR with ICS and soon JB is more than enough for a phone. My money will go into tablets, period.

    74. It doesn’t take a genius to see what phone people want.. the Note 3. as a Note 2 owner it’s not hard to see why. No spen = just another cell phone. And i’m not sure why people would be excited over the experia z. i never had water issues nor do I plan to dip my phone in them, never have never will. As far as google phone, it better have a great software feature set like the note 2 to even somewhat compete.

    75. The next Nexus phone as long as LG isn’t making it.

      1. What’s wrong with the current Nexus produced by LG? That’s not meant to be a slight to you, but rather an honest question. I have a Nexus 4 and I love everything about it.

        1. I’m not a fan of the design, particularly the back, which you can obviously cover, but still. My bigger gripes are no 4G since I live in a 4G area and the fact that you cannot remove the battery. Especially since I root. If my phone freezes because of a bad ROM, I would like to be able to pull the battery if needed.

    76. “Android fans would be remiss to think that Apple would continue to be upstaged.”

      Why? Because you’re secretly an Apple fanboy? An iPhone 5S that finally gets a 4.3 inch screen with 6 rows of icons is going to be the laughing stock of Android owners this year, like every year.

      1. Yeah I really don’t see why the iPhone was mentioned so much/even an option. Obviously we come here for Android.

    77. I’ll be most excited about the one that will support group texting. My HTC Evo 4G LTE won’t do it, and I’ve read that the Samsung GSIII doesn’t do it either. I know third party apps can do it, but I’d rather not use one because I feel like the stock apps just seem cleaner.

      Texting aside, I’m actually very excited to see more about the HTC One. The hardware looks pretty awesome, but the software overhaul is what I’m most curious to see!

      1. What do you mean you can’t do group texting?

        I have the HTC Rezound with a Sense 4 ROM and I can send group messages just fine, and when I reply everyone gets them, and I can also change the setting from a group to an individual message.

        Just trying to figure out what you mean!

        1. When I receive a group text I see it as only coming from one person. Then when other people reply to that person’s group text, I get their responses as individual texts.

          I can’t receive the text as a group text and reply to everyone in the group at once. I can only reply to one person at a time. It makes a group text conversation pretty much impossible.

          I won’t even know I’ve received a group text aside from contextual clues from the text or until I get replies from other people that were included in the original group text.

          I’ve looked around online and it’s just something that isn’t supported right now out of the box, which surprised me.

          1. Ohhhhh okay I understand! Honestly, I don’t know any phones that do that out of the box.

            My brother and my cousin have iPhones, and she always sends group texts, and he receives them in the same way. He just gets like 10 messages from individual people. That’s also how I get them.

            1. Hmm, interesting. When I had an iPhone 4S, it worked fine with that. Perhaps your brother/cousin have a setting changed somewhere? I don’t even know if that is something you can tweak on the iPhone. It’s been a while since I had mine.

              In any case, I really like Android and I don’t miss the iPhone at all, but the lack of group texting thing is a bit more annoying than I thought it would be. My friends have been using it more lately and it puts me in a bad position since it makes it difficult for me to contribute to the conversation.

            2. I’m not really sure, honestly. But I’m glad you like Android more :P

              But yeah hopefully the OEMs will add that, or you can find a good app that does it and it isn’t a nuisance for you!

    78. I want the HTC one or Motorola X and although not on the list I’m interested in the Optimus G pro. I’m currently using the Optimus G and really like the software tweaks LG has made also the phone is blazing fast.

    79. “I want the one with the bigger GBs”


    80. I want to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be like…Being a Note 2 owner and all :)

    81. Galaxy Note III

      1. Hopefully I can hand off my beloved Note II to the wife and upgrade to the III, but that would be selfish.

    82. Note 3 for sure. Also, the LG Optimus G Pro. I’m also interested in the X Phone. One of those three will likely be my next cell phone. I’m also interested in Nokia’s rumored 41 MP Windows Phone (a WP follow up to last years 808 Pureview). While I’m really enjoying Android, I really like WP too, and there is a small chance I’ll go back to WP if the Nokia super camera phone wows me more than the Note 3 or X Phone (my upgrade isn’t until July and I fully intend on waiting until October to upgrade).

    83. XPhone. I’m offended you asked ,Phandroid! :-)

    84. I’m done dealing with the nonsense stemming from carrier and phone manufacturer control.

      My next phone will be a Nexus that supports LTE. I might have to wait another year, but Motorola screwed me over with its failed promises of ICS support for the Photon 4G.

      Never again.

    85. HTC ONE screw everybody else and there opinions

    86. Galaxy SV.. I got a gs3 last year, won’t upgrade till next year, so I’m not excited for any new phones this year except how the gsiv will look like but I’m planning on getting a new tablet this year, a Samsung one.. Oh and I don’t root my phone anymore.. Lol thanks to jellybean..

    87. The next Nexus, or the X-Phone… I’d have to see the specs/details to know for sure.

    88. Nothing by bootloader-locking Motorola. Unlock my DroidX.

    89. X Phone… Guaranteed!!!

    90. S4, i doubt Motorola X phone will blow my mind.

    91. anything water proof and highly durable. same specs as gs3 would be fine

    92. Sony Xperia Nexus for sure.

    93. Voted SIV but I’d like to see the X phone as well. Also think the Galaxy Note 3 is gonna be cool

    94. Xperia z

    95. It has to be Nexus 5 for me

    96. I bought my last nexus device with the Galaxy Nexus. Sorry not having a removable storage is not an option for me in a phone. Cell service sucks too much along my drive and in my office to rely on anything that requires a data connection.

    97. Ah, the elusive “X phone” building up all this hype because its Motorola and Google…..wont really be a Nexus phone but something different and you know there will be nerd rage because of it. Just an assumption……

    98. Sony Xperia Z ftw

    99. The next Nexus (5?) or the X-Phone. No more fooling around with manufacturer skins, slow updates, and having to flash ROMs all the time. It was fun in the beginning, but now, I just want something that works. For me, that’s my Nexus.

    100. X-Phone for sure. I upgraded to the GS3 from the OG Droid, and can’t stand the lesser build quality. The Droid was like a solid piece of metal, while the S3 is like a flimsy piece of plastic. I’d rather have a heavier phone with more solid materials, for sure.

    101. I voted for X Phone but I also am very interested in what the ASUS Padfone 3 will bring to the table.

    102. I would love for a note 3, IF they kept it 5.5″, if the rumors will turn out to be true and it’ll have a 6.3″, I’m unfortunately out.

      I don’t think the galaxy s4 will bring anything out of the ordinary to the table, yes it will be supercharged with the latest electronics, but that’s not enough when the snapdragon 600&800 are just around the corner, and I’m a fan of ips screens, amoled just don’t cut it in sunlight.

      And for the X-phone… there’s defiantly something to be said about a handset coming directly from google.
      Yet I haven’t forgot about the Nexus 4 fiasco, hopefully this time they can get their act together and deliver. and if they will, that will be the most interesting phone in my book.

    103. The only phone worth waiting for is the next Nexus phone.

    104. I really want a flagship Nokia on Verizon. I’ve grown stale of Android. Time to fiddle with a new os

    105. for me its a tie between the S4 and the One.

    106. The next phone that is powered by Ubuntu :)

    107. Galaxy note 3 all the way.

    108. Confirmed next Nexus or GTFO!

    109. Other –> Note 3 FTW.

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