Is this benchmark report for Verizon’s Galaxy S4?


A NenaMark benchmark report for the Samsung-made SCH-i545 is creating a bit of buzz today. Why? Because every indication is that we could be looking at Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4.

For starters, Verizon’s Galaxy S3 was given model number SCH-i535. Then of course, there is the reference to a 1080p display in the report. Yes, the Galaxy S4 is rumored to ship with a brand new 4.99-inch 1080p Super AMOLED. Things are starting to match up.

What is newly revealed in the NenaMark score is a 1.9GHz processor, but it doesn’t appear to be of the Exynos 5 Octa (or Exynos 4, even) variety. Instead we are looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 320 graphics. The Galaxy S4 would be a great launchpad for the new Samsung-made silicon, but given the long development times for smartphones using the Qualcomm chip may have been unavoidable.

Otherwise, the phone should run Android 4.2, which would seem a given at this point (but stranger things have happened). We don’t expect to see the Galaxy S4 at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month, but rumors point toward a mid-May launch event. The Galaxy S4 could start shipping to consumers as early as April.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I’m limping alone on my 3 year old phone. The microUSB slot stopped working earlier this week… I guess solder points broke. So I’m swapping out batteries as they die. Considering what I’m doing, I’d rather not go for a phone like the HTC One that doesn’t allow for battery swaps. So trying to hold out until I can choose between it and the new Samsung Galaxy.

    1. Sounds like you have a Dinc2!

      Oh wait…nm. A Dinc2 wouldnt have gone 3 years….

      1. Original Evo actually. Bought on it’s release.

        1. Im still not sure about this Android “Fad”. I’ll hold off a little longer to se if it really develops.

          ~Sent from my Palm Pre

          1. lol my old Palm Pre had pieces falling off the phone for no reason after 11 months. I liked the idea of the “iphone killer” but man that phone had some problems.

          2. Thats FUNNY! I think my Pre took longer to boot up than the battery lasted!

      2. The micro USB barely works on my Dinc2… I have to hold the connector in with a binder clip.

        1. The design of the usb board, and the way it is mounted, is a MAJOR engineering flaw of the Dinc2 IMHO.

          The second time I replaced the port/board in my Daughter’s Dinc2, I epoxy’d the hell out of it. Granted, it can’t ever be replaced again….but it’s rock solid now.

          When it finally wears out, she’ll get an upgrade and I’ll have a fun range target :D

  2. I can say the GPU being used is a wee bit disappointing, if this is the GS4…i was expecting an Exynos Processor of epic proportions being used on this phone…could be the low to mid range phones.

    1. Galaxy s4 mini perhaps?

      1. what is so low to mid range about a quad core s4 pro??? Please explain how this is mid range and also 3 phones I believe so far have this processor. So it is by no means outdated tech and in fact should be hailed as top of the line.

        1. can you buy a phone today for $299 retail that launched end of 2012 with the s4 pro chip? yes the nexus 4. making anything launching 6 months later in the mobile industry mid level. The snapdragon 600 successor will be better 800 will be best.

        2. It’s not. The S4 is the high end standard right now. These guys are spec whores.

  3. I’m still personally skeptical about throwing an 8 core processor in a phone.

    1. And why is that?

      1. Because it’s overkill?

        1. maybe, but my nexus 4 does lag on occasion during certain tasks. Plus i want to do some 3d animation on the subway >.<

          1. Then you have a rogue app or something. My nexus 4 never lags ever ever ever!

          2. Same

          3. Mine does if I scroll through my widgets too fast. But that’s not a big deal. Where phones could really use a speed boost though Is in how fast they open certain apps. Some apps take their time to load.

          4. My Nexus 4 NEVER lags. You must have a defective phone.

          5. lol i wouldnt really call my phone defective, it only primarily happens if im swiping through widget screens. Any other time its a once in a blue moon thing. Phone is almost perfect though. Battery life could be much better as well as camera, but those are my only gripes. Oh and i miss my kickstand.

        2. But its better for battery life….

          1. I’ll believe it when I see it. That’s what the Tegra 3 was supposed to be too. Classic nvidia over inflating what they have…

      2. Because 98.7% of the general public doesn’t really need 8 cores to text, tweet, read email, post on FB, and play Angry Birds. That’s why!

        1. What about superior battery life? I’m sure that matters. Look, we need the industry to keep advancing. We can’t say something is overkill just cause we have no use for it now. An advancing industry is better than a stagnant one.

    2. It’s technically not an 8 core processor. Only 4 cores are utilized at once, depending on the load.

  4. Oh my dear god yes

  5. Why put in an inferior quality CPU/GPU? Snapdragon S4 pros are late 2012. Exynos should’ve been the worst option. I am really dissappointed in the choice. Why not a Snapdragon 800 at least if you want to go with Qualcomm?

    1. It will be a hugh upgrade from the dual core the US varient of the S3 has now. Has the 800 been released yet?

      1. I agree, just about any quad-core would be an upgrade. Especially when u consider 2gb ram with that. If u think about it, iPhones do not have the top tier components, yet they run so smooth (not trolling btw). I would not want an octa-core if it will compramise battery performance. This is an android fan boys’ biggest gripe….battery life!

    2. lol. outdated tech. Snapdragon 800 won’t drop until Q3 or Q4. don’t expect to see it anytime soon. Maybe the new nexus phone will drop with it. =)

      1. qualcomm said snapdragon 800 will set new benchmark can’t wait

  6. I’m so over benchmarks. While I do like to see how new processors score over old ones, honestly, I haven’t seen them accurately support real world end user speed on a phone or tablet.

    I have seen some devices score lower than others, yet are still more snappy and responsive than the ones that scored higher. *sigh* A lot of the “speed” you see in a phone is determined by the software working in harmony with the hardware (processor, RAM, etc.).

    Benchmarks are cool for gaming performance though :)

    1. absolutely, it depends on how well the software is optimized for running on that phone for the UI/skin. But this will make your phone more future proof when newer releases of android come out and you want to run them.

    2. Yeah, benchmarks have me confused. The DNA running Jelly Bean has a higher Antutu score than the Optimus G running ICS(expected, no project butter), but the Nexus 4 has a lower score than both of those. In theory with no manufacturer bloat, no carrier bloat, running pure Android it should be the fastest. Have not played with a DNA but the N4 seems smoother than my LGOG.

    3. Exactly. Nexus 4 score 4800’s compared to the Optimus G’s 7000+ in which they have the SAME processor, amount of ram and the same screen size and resolution.

  7. 1.9ghz Octa? I hope the battery can withstand that…

  8. I thought that the launch event was on March?
    How is it gonna be shipped if its not even announced?

  9. Note 3 for octa core im guessing

  10. HUGE let down if not even a exynos of any variety is in there unacceptable samsung :(

  11. I hope this isn’t the gs4. A snapdragon s4 pro is A top chip at the moment but it came out at end of last year. I was looking forward to the gs4 bringing in the a15 based quad core stuff. I’m using a ßr

  12. The big advantage the s4 was to have over the competition was the octa core processor but now that it won’t have it the playing field has opened up for other brands to catch up to Samsung, HTC, Motorola,Sony and LG are counting their blessings cause it would have been over for them.

    1. Well, SMARTPHONE is NOT a processor.;)

      Much more. Much.
      Working together.

      It’s a veeeeeeeeery early leak.

      SAMSUNG will PUT their Exynos5 octa into Galaxy SIV with operational/financial performance in mind.

  13. Hey Kevin, how could the S4 launch mid-May but start shipping to consumers early April? Did you mean mid-March?

  14. nice spec I wonder how this compares to Sony xperia z

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