Feb 15th, 2013

With Facebook already testing their VoIP service in some areas, it appears as if the Microsoft owned Skype wants to show the world they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Hitting Android, iOS and OSX clients, the new feature gives users the ability to record and send up to 3 minutes of video to loved ones anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be a paid feature and although specific pricing hasn’t been announced, the Skype app does show that freeloaders are given 20 free video messages to begin, with more (unlimited?) given to those subscribed to Skype’s premium service.

With so many ways to send video (apps like Send It are an easy way), do you guys see this as a feature you yourselves will be using? Or does this seem like more of a perk for those already paying for premium? Hey, Microsoft — add a self destruct option and the kids will be jumping all over this. Hop into your Skype app for Android to give the new feature a spin for yourselves.

[via Engadget | Google Play: Skype]