Android Overload: Galaxy S2 on Bell now receiving Jelly Bean, Sprint HTC EVO 4G receives new update, and more


The Android Overload is where we feature the biggest news stories from throughout the day (see above video), as well as stash all of the stories/articles/news bits that didn’t make it onto our front page. But just because they weren’t featured doesn’t mean they aren’t worth taking a look at. In fact, there’s almost always a little something here for everyone. So, take a look around and let us know if you find anything of interest.

  • Quick list of all the apps on sale today for Valentine’s Day because… Google cares. [DroidGamers]
  • Sprint issues security update for the OG HTC EVO 4G. [SprintForums]
  • Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Bell (Canada) now rolling out. [SamMobile]
  • Chrome Beta updated in the Play Store. Better memory management, less crashes. [Google Play]
  • Watch the Sony Xperia Z get soaked in slow motion. Might wanna bring a towel. [XperiaBlog]
  • Square Enix announces 2 new games coming to Android: Chaos Rings 2 and Drakerider. [DroidGamers]
  • Latest Bump for Android update allows for files transfers to the computer. [Google Play]
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  1. Wow……..the Galaxy S2 Bell:Canada) has jellybean before my One X. This is *%@#ing truly amazing at&t!!!!

  2. I hope the rest of the SGS2 gets the Jellybean update soon

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