HTC One (M7) teaser video provides a fleeting glimpse ahead of launch


Here is a rather close look at the phone rumored to launch as the HTC One but thus far known as the M7. Yeah, it’s literally a pretty close look as we catch ultra zoomed-in shots of the upcoming device, giving a glimpse of an edge here and corner there, but nothing that paint a clear picture of what the final handset will look like (we have other leaks for that).

The video presented here was actually stitched together by a fan using clips provided as part of HTC’s countdown to the February 19th event where we expect to see the phone unveiled. The good news is we can probably expect a few more quick pans over the surface of the new HTC One before the real deal is announced.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Ha…its shiny glistening look in harsh light looks like my Google Nexus 1 HTC phone!!

  2. Why HTC no haz 1080p to film promos?

    1. Wow! Someone needs to go back to 1st grade.

      1. U no haz cheezeburger?

      2. Someone needs to stop living under a rock. You’ve seriously never heard of, “I can haz no cheezburger?”

        1. Someone needs to re-take 1st grade, where you LEARN TO READ. As in, reading the entire post….eh, what’s the use.

  3. That’s the WORSE promo video I have ever seen. It doesn’t make me wonder “what’s next”, more like “who the hell is in charge of their marketing department” too bad HTC doesn’t change their strategy one bit. MOTO did it, Sammy did it, too bad HTC is doing the complete opposite.

  4. Don’t blame htc for this non video. phandroid is the one who phooled their readers with the bogus headline. “The video presented here was actually stitched together by a fan…” So, that’s where we’re at. phandroid is so comfortable with folks that they can “mess” with them :(

  5. more metal?

  6. Um… For those of you hating on HTC’s marketing department because of this video, please READ the ENTIRE post before commenting. You must have overlooked the part where Kevin clearly states, “The video presented here was actually stitched together by a fan…” Meaning someone like you or me, not a paid member of HTC’s staff.

    1. I think we are the only ones that read the post in it’s entirety.

  7. Great, can’t wait!

  8. I realize this is not an official HTC release but… holy smokes, Batman — ‘JJ Abrams School of Lens Flare’ much?

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