Feb 11th, 2013

Would it really come as much of a surprise if the phone rumored under the name M7 launched instead as the HTC One? That’s where speculation is leaning as yet another image of the device — this time a promotional render complete with a look at Sense 5.0 — has leaked.

In 2012, HTC put plenty of emphasis on their One brand, and the impression was that the company would keep the line going well into the future. The goal was to create the sort of awareness folks now hold for the iPhone and Galaxy series, both brands instantly recognized as being among the top smartphones on the market year in and year out. So, after putting considerable time, money, and effort behind the HTC One X and its siblings, would HTC really let the name, which was presented last February as a sort of new beginning for the company, simply die?

Adding to the buzz is a photo that recently surfaced on Flickr. Its EXIF data ties it not to the M7 but the HTC One, while the camera linked to the image is rated at 4.1MP. You will recall that HTC’s upcoming flagship is said to use a new “Ultrapixel” array that stacks three sensors of about 4MP each, stitching together the final image while keeping a resolution in line with the lower megapixel count. The actual picture itself isn’t very impressive, but we’ll wait to see some better conceived compositions.

The big reveal is about a week away. HTC will be giving an early look at the M7/HTC One on February 19th before packing up and shipping off to Mobile World Congress where we will have another chance to look at the phone in more detail.

[via TechCrunch]

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