Yet another teaser image released for the HTC One


HTC seems to have gotten a bit teaser-happy over the past week. Yesterday, the company updated its Facebook header with an image showing the February 19th unveiling date for the HTC One (or what we’ve known as the HTC M7). Today, another image has been posted to the Taiwanese company’s Facebook account. The image is rather interesting — the February 19th date once again appears, but this time it seems to be engraved (via Photoshop, probably) into a metallic surface.

I’m no sleuthing detective, but a quick glance at the out-of-focus areas of the image shows what looks to be a dial or a button of some sort. The piece extending from the right side makes this thing look like a watch band, though it’s really tough to tell in this context. We won’t be pounding our brain too hard trying to figure it out, though, so we’ll leave that up to you in the comments section below.

HTC will be in New York to unveil the M7/HTC One ahead of Mobile World Congress, so we’ll be able to get up close and personal with this thing in just under a week’s time from now. We’re expecting something along the lines of the device you see below, with specs said to include a 4.7 inch 1080p HD display, 2GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset and more. Android Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 5 should be baked inside. We’re quite excited to see what HTC is banking on for 2013, so sit back and enjoy the ride as February 19th comes barreling toward us.

[via Facebook, thanks Mute!]

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  1. *yawn* I rather wait for the S4.

    1. *double yawn* Moto X-Phone FTW!

    2. I’m eager to compare this to the S4 and Moto X.

      Hell F all those phones, all I want is an LTE Nexus 4.


    1. everyone is slowly moving away from expandable memory

      1. If it doesn’t have expandable memory it had better come in 64GB at the minimum!!!
        Yes I use that space. I have a bunch of my 1080p rips in my phone. No micro sd and 16GB is just a crime!

        1. What the manufactors are assuming is that most people dont need over 16 gbs. And it is partially true.

          Just curious, What phone do you have that you watch 1080p vids with?

      2. When you can buy a 64 or 128GB SDXC card at a FRACTION of the price of what they’re charging for internally (IF AT ALL), it makes no sense to move away from expandable storage.

        At least Samsung gets it.

        1. Like i said earlier, most people dont need over 16gb. But yeah you are right on that fact that memory is cheaper to obtain

          1. Most people don’t use over 2 gigs of data a month, but there’s still a high demand for unlimited data

          2. you have a point there. Im assuming they will have higher capacity devices coming out, this is a way for teh manufacturers to make money from us. Im completely fine with my 16gb Galaxy Nexus, but not all people would be

      3. Not Samsung (besides Nexus devices)

      4. Exactly.

    2. It won’t be a fail. Cloud storage is the new norm. Store things in DropBox or Drive. Upload your music to Amazon or Play.

      The only downside to the cloud is having limited data plans. WiFi is so common though, it’s not a problem for most.

      1. HELL TO THE NO!
        I visit my mom a lot and I get bored. So to make it seem I’m spending time with her I fire up one of my movies whilst in her presence. I usually record a movie and save it to watch at her house. There is no F’ing way I’m going to use any cloud to download my 4GB movie file.

        I had the HTC ONE X. Loved that phone to death but had to ditch it because of the 16GB + NO micro SD!!! I could only put 1 movie and Grand Theft Auto took a couple of gigs plus music. How do you play a multiple gigabyte game through the cloud?

        Me, nicholas sciucco, Jason Farrell and Samsung get it!

        1. you’re a hell of a son aren’t you.

  3. I hope they got some great software features up their sleeves as well as hardware (they are all fast now a days). what sets sammy apart is that they offer both great hardware and software. I’d be bummd just to see some newer hardware. It’s mostly about software now. Im already enjoying the smart stay and smart rotate not to mention a slew of other practical features only sammsy got., can’t wait for smart pause and smart scroll baby!

  4. HTC phones are always good on paper, but they dont do so well is because of marketing. I hope they change their marketing techniques for this one.

    Oh and having it for all 4 major US carriers would help them alot

    1. Like I said last time its the HTC ONE standing for one update.

  5. By naming it the “HTC One” they have guaranteed a couple hundred people will brick their phones by flashing something for the wrong phone.

    1. “htc one” seems to be the name. Just seen this advert in a soccer game on tv.

      1. Football! :)

        1. You mean soccer…

      2. …or it could be that they’re advertising their brand.

    2. If a couple hundred foolish people brick their phone based on name confusion, then they had no business flashing their device in the first place.

  6. “Go HTC!” *four people in the stands *

  7. This time of year happens to always be so exciting. Not a big HTC fan but I am looking forward to know what they have to show off. Excited for them. I am really looking forward to the S4 and what this Moto X phone is all about.


    1. if HTC is going to show a brilliant (the sharpest possible for now) 4.7″ Full HD 1080p display, 12.9Mp ultrapixels camera with HTC’s dedicated image processor, Beats sound, 2,500mAh+ battery and sleek ALUMINUM unibody design, this thing will:
      1) INSTANTLY kill SONY & LG “premium” smartphones and profits.
      2) place HTC between SAMSUNG and Apple.
      3) create troubles for SAMSUNG’s plastic/lazy “design” strategy in 2013 (but S is highly adaptable though;))
      4) effectively protect HTC from cheap spec-clones.
      5) make HTC a really smart, focused manufacturer.

      HTC shouldn’t make mistakes launching it: fast, clear, confident.

      + HTC should brand its CAMERA, DISPLAY and design properly:
      1) “Full HD display” and 467PPI are not brands. “ULTRA-RETINA” or other name is.
      2) Ultrapixels could become a brand, because it will be the first time of their appearance for consumers.
      3) Beats is a brand.
      4) SENSE is a brand.

  9. This phone will be great besides one feature (or lack thereof) that will be a dealbreaker. A lot of my friends have upgraded their phones recently, and not a single person I know bought the DNA. Why? 16gb of storage is a joke. I’ll bet a million internet dollars that they make a similar mistake with this.

    1. 16gb sounds sounds perfect to me, the reason why I didn’t buy it is because it’s freakin huge.

      1. Christ. Why does almost every single post of yours have to be some gripe about how small your hands are? We get it – you’re a Hobbit…

        1. A dwarf with miniature tootsie rolls for fingers

  10. I have been staring intently at this image for hours and It’s either a watch dial on zoom level 9001 or its a zooming lens… (a collective brick sh!t will be had if this is the case) which is highly improbable. This leads me to think the aluminum we see might be a new box or something to give them the premium feel. which is awesome I dig that. But on the flips side if it were to be a watch like some are saying and the brown is some terribly god awful sweater sleave. Then HTC would have to be extremely sneaky to make a watch without so much as a peep getting leaked.
    anyhoo my prediction is that little hobknobbyjobby is the camera or something to do with it.

    p.s. I squeed like a little girl when I saw the “thanks Mute” lol

  11. Well that raises a lot of questions, I wonder what the HTC device in the picture is? Could it be a wireless charging pad? Or just a part of the packaging? What is the significance of the dial, music connectivity?

  12. Looks cool. Might be interested if it were a Nexus. But it isn’t, so not.

  13. The phone in the first pic looks to good to be real, thus it is fake!

  14. The EVO LTE is much better than the ‘One X” & “One S” but the M7 looks to god to pass up

    1. “EVO” is HTC’s BEST name to date!;)

  15. Anybody who thinks the EVO LTE is better than the One X is crazy. I own both. My EVO Rooted/ROM’d/O’Clocked/Modded stands no grounds against a Stock cleaned up One X. Yes, the EVO has benefits when it comes to MicroSD.. that is it. I
    While the EVO is the flagship phone of Sprint and has been the most profitable market for HTC it will continue to be a great platform, but hopefully HTC will merge Evo/One Brands so that the unnecessary rivalry is dispersed.and.even playing grounds across carriers. It makes ‘Sense’ as it somewhat streamlines the update process and device management for HTC.

  16. METALS!
    PLASTIC 2013 = PROFITS 2012

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