Feb 13th, 2013

The Google Search app has just gotten a nice new upgrade in the Play Store. The changelog is geared toward those on Android 4.1+ as most of the new features pertain to the Google Now experience. For starters, the new widget that has been rumored is finally here. It will show things like weather, traffic, stocks, news, sports and more at a glance. You can add it to both your home-screen and (if you’re on 4.2+) your lock-screen.

Furthermore, there is now better support for movies. The movies card will now show passes from Fandango, and it will automatically pull in movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. Google Now will even tell you what time to leave in order to make it to your movie on time, and will automatically pull up your digital tickets once you arrive.

Real estate listings from Zillow will now pop up when Google Now figures out you’re trying to buy a home, and once you visit that particular home to see a showing it will feed you more information about the home, such as price, size, and when it was built. Other features include a music button that pops up when a song is playing in voice mode (this is a US only feature), and it now supports United States college sports, though we’re not sure if every sport — and all teams within those sports — are included.

All of this is available right now by heading to the Google Play Store and finding the 10.8MB upgrade waiting for you. PS: If the widget isn’t showing your cards right away, simply open the Google Now app and head back to the home-screen to see it in action.

[via Google]