Samsung squashes beef with LG display, drops injunction request


Choosing an alternative strategy over a long and drawn out courtroom charade, Samsung has dropped an injunction request against LG Display. The decision now puts the responsibility in the hands of the two parties to come to terms on a settlement or licensing deal after Samsung sought a ban based on LG’s claimed infringement upon several of Samsung’s proprietary OLED technologies.

The dispute can be traced back to last summer after a group of Samsung employees were accused of leaking confidential information to LG. Samsung eventually filed for an injunction against LG, asking the court to restrict the latter party’s ability to use certain OLED and LCD technologies in their display manufacturing process.

The move follows an agreement between Samsung Display head Kim Ki-nam and LG Display head Hang Sang-beom to seek a peaceful resolution outside of the courts.

[Yonhapnews Agency via SammyHub]

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  1. I’m picturing a foot stepping on some hamburger after reading the title of this article. At least there wasn’t any horse meat involved…

  2. Maybe they should swap info on purpose now so Samsung can make a screen that looks good without making everything blue. I’ve gotten so used to seeing actual white on my. Optimus G that I can’t go back to a Sammy screen.

    1. Pretty sure this has more to do with TV’s

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