BlueStacks brings Android apps to Windows 8, Surface Pro


The writing was on the wall when the the original BlueStacks application player for Windows reached over 5 million installs. It was only a matter of time before the company behind the popular Android virtualization software for PCs debuted a Windows 8-compatible version of their software. Now the meager selection applications available in the Windows Store is complimented by Google Play’s full library of software.

To grab BlueStacks, head over to to download for PC or Surface Pro tablet. Yep, with the right combination of software (a launcher app, etc.) you could theoretically create a fully emulated Android tablet experience. Of course, emulated apps aren’t going to run up to the standard they might on the hardware they were intended for (read: touch controls, hardware optimizations), but for Windows users starving for some of their Android favorites it should more than provide a fix.

[via WinSource]

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  1. who cares about win8 its old out dated os needs 60 gig space in surface to run 8 core with heat sink with cooling that weighs 3 lbs 2 hr battery life. this is a failure like kin

    1. thats your opinion i run it on a laptop that shipped with vista without much hardware change and it runs like a dream

      1. I agree. It runs fantastic on my VAIO with 8 GB of ram, an i7 and a 750gn hybrid HD.

        1. core 2 duo 4 gigs of ram ASUS x83vm

    2. I know what you don’t care about… run-on sentences!

    3. There is so much wrong information in your statement, I really hope you’re just being sarcastic. Bluestacks is a Modern UI or Metro app which means it’s specifically for Windows RT tablets which runs a suped up phone version of their Windows Mobile platform. So this is more like the Blackberry Playbook in how it emulates Android apps.

      The Surface Pro is what you’re referring to which comes with 60GB of space, an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, weighs only 2 pounds and gets roughly 4-5 hours of battery life unless you’re playing a game on Steam or something. It’s not a tablet so much as its a laptop/tablet hybrid. I wouldn’t call it a laptop replacement so much as I would call it an ultrabook replacement. It has more power and is far more portable than your average ultrabook.

      To call Windows 8 an out dated OS means you likely have never used it. Sure, the start screen is a bit odd, but Windows 8 is by far the best running OS Microsoft has ever made and it can do 500,000 times more stuff than Android probably ever will. I actually hope Google takes it to a point where Android could be a realistic replacement for Windows, something like what Canonical is doing with Ubuntu, but not as crappy.

  2. Happy news! I think I’ll be using this quiet a lot. AWESOME!

  3. I am going to load this on my OSX mountain lion virtual machine thats on my windows 8 desktop with touch screen….META!

  4. This news is a little old. I installed BlueStacks back in early November! Much more fun to play Angry Birds on my 11.6″ touchscreen than on my phone. Most Android apps work just fine using BlueStacks on Windows 8 Pro; Samsung slate PC w/ 4 GB RAM 64-bit.

  5. Correction: I’ve been running the BlueStacks for Win7, so now I will try the Windows 8 version to see if the onscreen keyboard works like it should?

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