Cubes vs Spheres is minimal, zombie-like action game… with blocks [VIDEO]


In an effort to bring you guys all the best applications and games from the Google Play Store, we found yet another. It’s called Cubes vs Spheres and if you’re thinking another puzzler, let me stop you right there. This game is all action. Not in a flashy, photo realistic Shadowgun kinda way — this action in it’s purest form, stripping away blood and gore for style and clean design. And around these parts… we like minimal.


What’s interesting is I’ve caught  myself calling Cubes vs Sphere, ShockPanda Games’ latest title, Cubes vs Zombies on more than one occasion. This is sort of telling of gameplay we’re looking at here in CvS. You have your home base represented by a red dotted line and must defend it using a variety of balls from the horde of red cubes advancing forth.

At this point, I’m just going to go ahead and call this a zombie game, there’s no way around it. To help guarantee victory, players need to earn points collected from completing missions to upgrade their arsenal, and gain new balls, 6 in all, each with their own special powers. Blue balls split into 3 while in midair, orange balls explode upon contact, black balls can travel through red cubes, red balls home-in on cubes, purple creates ice slicks slowing down baddies and finally, a pink cube attracts red cubes until she detonates. Bloody awesome.


It’s not often a game looks this stunning yet still allows players the freedom to use their own imaginations. While very minimal in appearance, Cubes vs Spheres utilizes a slew of modern special effects like anti-aliasing (for silky smooth visuals), real-time physics (giving the game a very natural feel), and awesome splash of colors and sounds to bring the entire game to life. On a 5-inch, 1080p display, the game looks stunning.


I wont even beat around the bush, Cubes vs Spheres is Google Play Store gold. I can see copy-cat games spawning left and right after its success. The casual, fun-for-all-ages gameplay makes it the perfect game for kids and adults alike. Don’t forget it’s low $.99 cent entrance fee wont break the bank. You can download Cubes vs Spheres in the Play Store right now via the link below.

[Google Play link: Cubes vs Spheres]

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