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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s been an intense battle for the top crown of the online cloud storage/documents editing space lately. Dropbox spent a long time with little competition, but have since seen a lot of competition from the likes of SkyDrive, Amazon, Google Drive, MediaFire, and Box. Well, the latter of those companies is enticing users with another great offer — a free 50GB account!

All you need to do is sign up via this link, and it takes just a quick couple of minutes before you’re afforded a ton of space to store all your bits and bytes to. You can even get your friends and family to sign up, and get them a nice 50GB account of their own. Box’s big focus on collaboration is a perfect excuse to bug your coworkers, too.

We assume the deal won’t last uber long so you might as well get it out of the way now, even if you don’t anticipate needing to use it within the near future. Box has come quite a long way over the past few years and is a very nice alternative to some of the bigger names in cloud storage. Take a look at the quick video above and see if you aren’t impressed enough to at least give it a shot on the back of this offer, and grab the app from the Google Play Store to use it on the go.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. there had to be a catch

    1. 250MB upload file size is a start.

      1. Even the enterprise is useless @ 5GB file size limit. I easily blow through that passing along rough cuts to clients for review of VFX shots. I signed up for the 50GB Free Box account last week with the Dell promo, but it’s pointless for my needs. I like the collaborative aspect of Box but at those file size constraints at those prices, I’m still sticking with Dropbox.

    2. I needed to give my phone number. I used my Google Voice. I don’t want any special phone calls. I couldn’t find anything as to why they would ask for it in their Terms in Service.

      1. Just sign up with bogus phone num

        1. Google Voice is a bogus enough phone number. I chose to use my Sprint one and my Google Voice Number will deactivate by March I think. LoL!! Another reason why I love Google Voice. It’s not a “real” number, but it’s not a fake number, either. It’s the perfect number to use to see if something is spam. =.P

    3. You always get 50gb with box. Problem is they still don’t seem to have the most basic and useful feature of any cloud APP, auto photo upload. Without that it’s pointless for me. The other stuff is nice but it’s not full featured.

      1. Don’t need that. I found a place to store all my backups. Especially my app backups. So I’ll save even the download data from apps. I hate having to re-download that. Especially since some of the apps don’t download unless you’re in the app watching the download. Oh I hate leaving and coming back only to see the app closed and I have to start the download over.

        I use Google Plus for my photo uploads. So this is great. I can move some of my stuff off Dropbox, too.

  2. haven’t it been like that for years or when did they have a break with doing the 50gb giveaway to new user?

  3. just signed up with them and only got 25 gb. now a few days later , its up to 50gb. what gives?

  4. no sub folder sync still… how long will box lag behind everyone else?

  5. Hell yeah free 50 gigs thanks phandroid!

  6. aww, already have a 15gb account from a different recent promo, wonder if i can sign up again without breaking the TOS, or upgrade my account?

    1. Another email address? =.P

  7. Dude is making a whole lot of sense dude Wow

  8. Box is the best for me. I already have 50gb for life (unlike some).
    dont care with the size limit. nobody heard of compression…

  9. Am looking forward to AeroFS. Much more secure since stored on your own computers, no 3rd party involved, no storage limits and free. Android app in works. Is essentially personal peer to peer syncing with your own computers and can have TBs of storage.

  10. Got 50GB when they first launched on Android about a year ago ?

  11. just registered with them a few days ago. 5 days later, as of now still have basic 5gb. wheres the 50 gb?

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