Feb 11th, 2013

The Pebble smartwatch is a very interesting device that deserved every bit of attention it got on Kickstarter. Now that it’s out and in users’ hands, folks have been hammering away at apps to make the thing more useful. One app allowed users to deliver notifications to the smartwatch from any app which uses the standard notification system, but it required the use of Tasker.

Tasker is a very tough app to get used to on its own merit, so it was important for the developer of Pebble Notifier — Dattas Moonchaser — to bring a standalone option. Today’s update allows you to send full device notifications without the use of Tasker, though you’ll need to enable a quick accessibility option under the settings menu. That’s a very easy task, though, so there’s nothing worry about there.

Other changes in today’s update include the ability to exclude all notifications from certain apps, as well as the ability to specify which apps you want to get notifications from. Both of these features only work when Pebble Notifier is being used without Tasker. Oh, and if you want to give the guy some money — the app is free, after all — there’s a handy donate button waiting for you within. Grab the download from the Google Play store here.

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