Feb 4th, 2013

When HTC launched their One series in 2012, they did more than simply overhaul the software controlling the image sensor found in the One X, One S, and One V. They also focused on the hardware behind the lens, calling the combination of code and circuitry ImageSense. But those sensors were still measured in megapixels. For their upcoming M7, it’s all about “ultrapixels.”

OK, so the “ultrapixel” moniker is mostly for show — the M7’s camera will still be measured in megapixels, technically — but the technology that will make up what we could call ImageSense 2.0 does provide an interesting twist on mobile image processing.

Instead of a single 13MP sensor, the M7 is said to carry a set of stacked 4.3MP cameras. Each captures a single image and then stitches them together to form the final picture, which is not a true 13MP still. The resulting image is clearer, cleaner, and sharper than its individual parts taken separately.

Just as ImageSense was a core selling point in HTC Sense 4 and the accompanying One series, we expect ultrapixels to be key in the marketing of the upcoming M7.

[via PocketLint]

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