HTC re-inventing the camera sensor, could introduce ‘ultrapixels’ with M7 flagship


When HTC launched their One series in 2012, they did more than simply overhaul the software controlling the image sensor found in the One X, One S, and One V. They also focused on the hardware behind the lens, calling the combination of code and circuitry ImageSense. But those sensors were still measured in megapixels. For their upcoming M7, it’s all about “ultrapixels.”

OK, so the “ultrapixel” moniker is mostly for show — the M7’s camera will still be measured in megapixels, technically — but the technology that will make up what we could call ImageSense 2.0 does provide an interesting twist on mobile image processing.

Instead of a single 13MP sensor, the M7 is said to carry a set of stacked 4.3MP cameras. Each captures a single image and then stitches them together to form the final picture, which is not a true 13MP still. The resulting image is clearer, cleaner, and sharper than its individual parts taken separately.

Just as ImageSense was a core selling point in HTC Sense 4 and the accompanying One series, we expect ultrapixels to be key in the marketing of the upcoming M7.

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  1. I don’t care what anyone says the one series is absolutely the best cameras on any phone at the moment. I had a one s and now an s3 and have played with almost everything else out there and hands down Imo HTC wins. Now if they could just get updates out in a timely manner I might actually go back to them.

    1. I have owned both the One X and S3, and it killed me to see reviews that claimed the S3 camera was better than the One X. In everyday usage, the One X blows it out of the water, both hardware and software. Motion pictures on the S3 came out blurry no matter what, and dark pictures with flash were always horribly blue tinted. I found nothing better about the S3 over the One X, except battery/sd card (which didn’t bother me) and the marketing from Samsung. One X needs to be marketed correctly with a cross carrier platform and good advertising. Take a hint from Samsung/Apple and you may make some money this year, HTC

    2. I have a One X and I have two words for you. Low light. The One X camera struggles to focus in low light and if you are doing video it is constantly going in and out of focus. If I am taking a dark photo I snap like 6 and hope that one isn’t blurry. Besides that the camera is great. Side note, my Atrix had probably the best low light camera I have ever had on a mobile phone.

      1. I disagree… I think it takes good (not great) low-light shots.. I got an Evo LTE, some of my best pictures were done in low light.

        1. I have major issues with focusing in low light. Like I said, for pictures I have to take multiple shots and hope one wasn’t blurry. And video is unusable because auto focus goes crazy.

          1. I think it just depends on the situation in where you’re taking the photos’videos… I haven’t really taken videos in low light, so I can’t vouch for it. I use that quick shutter feature in all my pictures I take anyways… It’s a good feature, and ensures the best picture possible

    3. Also better than sony phones? or were they not included since they aren’t popular in USA in your test?

    4. i also prefer the one s camera over the galaxy s3. sense camera app is also far superior than samsung’s touchwiz imo

    5. Ummm…no that would be the nokia pure view 808.

    6. Having the best camera also requires a person with a decent skill… I am sure ppl, who claim One X has crappy camera, do not have the skill.

  2. Not sure if they will do a good job of communicating this to consumers…hence, another HTC fail. The ship is sinking.

    1. The ship has just about sunk.

      1. sank. Derp.

    2. true story…

  3. Not sure why this was not done before on cell phones. Maybe because it worked out so well with DSLRs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foveon_X3_sensor

    1. pipe down scoot

  4. Im quite sure this is the same Exmor RS-sensor thats going in to the Xperia Z. http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/201208/12-107E/index.html

    1. Jesus Christ you dont understand, are you that dense? Its not about the hardware its about the optimization of hardware and soft ware together.

      1. Calm down skippy. It’s not that serious.

      2. Wow, someone is having a case of the mondays.

  5. Why can’t they just put a decent sensor in these things. Anytime I see a manufacturer claim their camera is good in a phone, I don’t believe them. They’re all sub par.

  6. Wouldn’t it be better to have the stacked sensors aligned in such a way that they converge at the same spot. Then you could compare multiple shots at the same time, transform the image so that each shot shares the same perspective and then remove noise from the shot.

    1. nope.

  7. my only issue with HTC is that they are the slowest to upgrade the ph software and often leave premium phones to languish with outdated software

    1. i wouldnt say slowest. The only one faster right now is Samsung.

  8. The camera is sweet on the HOXL.
    Highly underrated.

  9. Its all about Low Light, virtually all camera phones can take good photos in day light, but to be called a True Camera phone, it NEEDS to be able to take very good low light photos, which usually means Xenon flash, the old Dumb Nokia’s & Sony Ericsson Symbian phones with xenon flash & Nokia 808 are still the best in low light.

    Hopefully this will be way better at low light?

    1. If you can take “very good low light photos” why would you need flash?

      1. isnt a good flash how one achieves good low light photos? Even professional photographers have flashes.

  10. My G1 took better pictures than my S2 or S3.

  11. Your comment

  12. i agree the ONE S AND ONE X are still to this very moment the very best cameras out i just went to t mobile to go head to head with the gs3, note 2 and nexus 4 the one s still wins the camera shoot out with the note to a close 2nd but theyre 6 months apart , also beats my sisters iphone 5 easily DONT LET ONLINE REVIEWS FOOL YOU GO CHECK WITH YOUR OWN EYES

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