Feb 5th, 2013

One of the biggest questions the folks behind the Pebble, the Android-compatible smart-watch, had to face when promoting their Kickstarter was how the watch could hold up to a bit of a rough time. Pebble assured everyone that the protective glass it uses would be scratch resistant, and while “resistant” doesn’t necessarily mean “indestructible,” some users feel the glass is way too fickle for their claims.

A couple of different reports have sprung up on the Kickstarter’s comments page, with users expressing distaste over easily scratched smart watches. One photo of the watch showed horrifying scuff marks, while another had a light, yet still bothersome scratch. According to one user, Pebble responded to the claims by suggesting users use Displex to fix the scratch.

We’re working to retrieve proof of said response, but we’d wholly understand it if a user got upset at that particular suggestion. For starters, Displex doesn’t always work, and I’m pretty sure that particular product only helps for a hairline/feather scratch — the watches in the images above and below seem to be well beyond that point.

That said, we can’t flat-out take the users’ word for it, either. There’s no telling what sort of conditions the watches have been through. All we can do is reach out to Pebble for comment and see if we can’t get a clearer idea of just how “scratch resistant” these $150 pieces of tech are supposed to be.

In the meantime, members of the community suggest buying a screen protector and custom cutting it for use on the watch. I suppose this also wouldn’t be a bad time for someone to cash in with a Pebble Smartwatch screen protector project on Kickstarter. Has your watch suffered the same fate?

[via KickstarterThanks Frank!]

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