Jan 31st, 2013

A pair of Samsung phones for Magenta are in line to receive some quick software upgrades starting today, it seems. The Samsung Galaxy S2, the 2011 sensation, will receive an upgrade that will apply a “Qualcomm fix,” and will also bring improvements to S Voice/Vlingo. Other security updates, bug fixes and device enhancements have been made, though those particular changes aren’t being detailed at the moment.

And no, this doesn’t take us beyond Android 2.3.6 — we hear that particular update is in the works for at least the international version, but whether or not it comes to T-Mobile’s is still up in the air. This would appear to be the same upgrade we saw rolling out starting last week so if you weren’t able to catch it back then you should be good to go today.

Samsung’s shining star of 2012 — the Samsung Galaxy S3 — is also receiving an upgrade, though its changes seem a tad more mild in comparison. We’re told to expect an improved user experience, and without T-Mobile’s willingness to go more in-depth about that we can only assume that means some bugs have been squashed and the obligatory performance enhancements have been made.

Galaxy S2 owners will need to set aside 11MB for their download, while those on the Galaxy S3 will only need about 4MB of bandwidth to pull theirs down. As a general rule of thumb, try to make sure your battery is at 50% before accepting the upgrade, and make sure you read up on the other prerequisites (check the source links) to make sure things go off without a hitch.

[via T-Mobile (GS2) | (GS3)]

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