Apple denied second shot at banning Samsung Galaxy Nexus


While the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer the new kid on the block — the Nexus 4 has supplanted it despite troubles with availability — Apple would still like to see it off the market. It looks like the Cupertino manufacturer won’t get the satisfaction of seeing that happen, though, as a US appeals court judge has officially reiterated that it would not impose a sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus.

The original ruling — made by the controversial US District Judge Lucy Koh — gave Apple what it wanted, but the effects of the ban were unnoticeable as Samsung used appeals processes and grace periods to its advantage. Koh later denied Samsung a temporary lift on the injunction, but her decisions were overturned by the Federal Court of Appeals. The courts maintained that Koh and the district court of California abused their discretion in making the original decision, and it reaffirmed that with today’s decision.

It’s unclear where the Apple vs Samsung saga will go from here. Samsung has worked to ensure its new products don’t infringe on any of Apple’s patents and copyrights, and has issued updates to older phones to bring them into compliance. Apple enjoyed minor victories in places like Germany, but many of those decisions were made irrelevant by several factors.

We have a feeling that Apple’s stubbornness won’t subside anytime soon, but at this point it just seems like time and money is being drained into these cases as Samsung successfully dodges every malicious attack thrown its way.

[via Wired, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Apple is going to be very hard pressed to get the likes of the Note series banned I would say.

  2. Lol… Didn’t they stop making the Galaxy Nexus? Apple needs to take a seat and watch their rivals take their market share… If they keep suing instead of innovating, that is what’s about to happen.

    1. you look like black robin williams lol, go samsung woot!

      1. Thats a picture of Lebron James you BIG dummy!

      2. Bruh, I’m Lebron James.

      3. lol. I guess you don’t recognize him.

    2. Apple, innovate? Really?Apple doesnt innovate anything, they just market well.

      1. Actually… when the iPhone first came out, it was a game changer. It was still considered the best smartphone and most innovating even (imho) until Froyo… So I gotta give some credit to Apple, but since Gingerbread, iOS started to get stale. It was when ICS came out, iOS was seriously lacking and falling behind Android, and it has been that way ever since.
        But that’s my opinion.

        1. Give credit where it’s due. Apple changed the smartphone landscape, and we should all thank them as we would have the phones we have now if it weren’t for the iPhone. After that they haven’t done anything except add missing features from 2005 like “do not disturb” and sue everyone for infringement and copying their look.
          After trying to litigate Samsung into the ground over copying the iPhone, ironically one of the best features they’ve added to iOS is this revolutionary pull-down menu… but I swear I’ve seen that before… just can’t quite put my finger on it.

          Either way, I thank Apple from the past for pushing the tech world forward, for being a champion of innovation and ingenuity. Apple from the present, can go f**k a duck for all I care. Bring back the Woz I say, he’s a true technology guy. Doesn’t care for the brand, just wants to play with all the toys out there!

          In summation, all of us here, we owners of the little green robot OS, are not disillusioned as to where our OS got it’s basic operational ideas from. What we are proud of however, is with each iteration of Android, how much larger our little upstart OS is growing in both adoption and function. The capabilities of Android are numerous and continue to expand as time passes, and I for one look forward to what will come down the pipe next! Keep up the good work everyone, and Google keep supporting our Dev community as THIS is what makes Android the best OS in my opinion.

          Above all else, keep your stick on the ice.
          Manbo, out.

          1. Oops, sorry Dave, that was really meant more for master94

          2. If we’re giving credit were credit is due. Let’s go farther back than 2007. Like Windows 5.0CE or Nokia’s Symbian. Both had PDA and phone platforms. Apple just pieces together a little bit of whatever they can lock down.

          3. True enough, I’m referring more towards the capacitive screen, minimalist design, etc. that changed how PDA’s of today function.

            I completely agree that the OG pda’s were the starting point and generally had more function of the iPhone, it’s just the Apple made them popular to the masses with a much more simplified setup.

          4. True credit goes to the Palm OS in both the Palm and Handspring Deluxe devices. The Handspring Deluxe introduced the PDA/phone concept back as early as 2001.

          5. Oh my gosh!! This keeps going further and further. Let’s just leave it at Apple for making a good phone that people like. LoL!! Soon Ima see something about Beepers because it started the revolution of getting notifications.

        2. I give Google little to no credit on Android until ICS, that’s when it started to really take form and be a coherent, smooth, decent experience. I’ve been an Android fan since day 1, even before Google bought it, but Apple still leads in several aspects (responsiveness, camera, iMessage, several other features).

      2. Yea, except they invented the modern smartphone in 2007.

        1. Lg Prada came first.

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  3. This is hilarious. The Galaxy Nexus? Of all popular phones, they’re trying to been that?

    1. they tried to bean that indeed

  4. glad Apple failed. They should focus on they’re next big thing instead of banning ours.

  5. Apple can eat s##t.

    1. According to this news, they just did! xD

  6. Even if Apple HAD gotten their second shot, the only carrier still selling the Galaxy Nexus is Sprint (as far as I know, anyway). Google stopped selling it around the time the Nexus 4 came out, Verizon EOL’d it just this week, and I don’t recall T-Mobile or AT&T ever selling it directly. And by the time Apple would have gotten to the actual injunction, I’d bet Sprint would have stopped selling it. Pointless.

    1. you dont get it, its not stopping it from selling is what they seek, its publicity “oh look even the nexus (pure android phone) copies us and we won again and banned it and saved the world from the consequences of people stealing our innovations!”

  7. their still going after the galaxy nexus? how desperate are they to be trying to ban a device no longer up for sale

  8. Apple is starting to make me feel pity for them.
    This is ridiculous.
    Glad the courts are getting tired of them.

  9. Apple u turd. Enough with your b.s. crying. The galaxy nexus not even on sale

  10. About time someone gave Koh the smack down.

  11. Hey Steve,

    How’s that thermonuclear thing working out for you?

    (Oops, it’s noo-ku-lar not nuclear)

  12. I miss this phone, wish an identical one would have been released with the Snapdragon S4, more efficient LTE radio, the newer SAMOLED with better color accuracy, and better camera. I’d love to have it on VZW. Alas there are Android phones I like on this carrier anymore but I’m stuck with them.

  13. Samsung is Ninja dodging all those wars. Samsung is trying to tell Apple that they’re wasting their money. That’s why their stocks are going down!! Ha!! Keep it up Samsung!!

  14. It would’ve made me so happy if Apple had won this. The idea of walking around using a phone BANNED BY APPLE is just too wonderful.

  15. Glad I still got mine..

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