Jan 31st, 2013 publishUpdated   Feb 11th, 2013, 9:06 am

While the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer the new kid on the block — the Nexus 4 has supplanted it despite troubles with availability — Apple would still like to see it off the market. It looks like the Cupertino manufacturer won’t get the satisfaction of seeing that happen, though, as a US appeals court judge has officially reiterated that it would not impose a sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus.

The original ruling — made by the controversial US District Judge Lucy Koh — gave Apple what it wanted, but the effects of the ban were unnoticeable as Samsung used appeals processes and grace periods to its advantage. Koh later denied Samsung a temporary lift on the injunction, but her decisions were overturned by the Federal Court of Appeals. The courts maintained that Koh and the district court of California abused their discretion in making the original decision, and it reaffirmed that with today’s decision.

It’s unclear where the Apple vs Samsung saga will go from here. Samsung has worked to ensure its new products don’t infringe on any of Apple’s patents and copyrights, and has issued updates to older phones to bring them into compliance. Apple enjoyed minor victories in places like Germany, but many of those decisions were made irrelevant by several factors.

We have a feeling that Apple’s stubbornness won’t subside anytime soon, but at this point it just seems like time and money is being drained into these cases as Samsung successfully dodges every malicious attack thrown its way.

[via Wired, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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