Report: Google and ASUS cooking up Nexus 7 with 1080p display


According to a new report out of Digitimes, Google and ASUS are teaming up for a second-generation Nexus 7 to be announced in May, likely at Google’s I/O developer conference. Engineering samples have supposedly already been making the rounds, revealing a device with a 1080p Full HD display, an “industrial design,” and thinner bezel around the screen.

The new model follows what has been a somewhat surprising success for the company behind Android. The original Nexus 7  is projected to move past the 6 million sold mark this month, while sales of both the first-gen and second-ten versions of the device are calculated to reach 10 million in 2013.

The retooled Nexus 7 is said to run the latest version of Android Jelly Bean, an element that will likely change based on Google traditionally unveiling a new version of their OS each spring. This year’s Google I/O will take place May 15th through 17th.

[via Digitimes]

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  1. I wonder, would they increase the screen size a tad? I think going up to 7.7 would hit a nice sweetspot.

    1. or make the device smaller by removing bezel area

      1. both ideas are good as long as the screen size doesnt shrink

      2. 8 inches with a smaller bezel please! (As if Google and Asus take orders)

        1. That’s what she said

    2. the whole point of a 7 inch tablet is portability, if they kept the screen the same size but smaller bezel it would become easier to carry around. A 8 inch tablet is as portable as a 10 inch, in the aspect that there isn’t a lot of places it can fit be it a handbag or pockets, etccc.

      1. . 7 inches won’t make it any less portable, especially if they reduce the bezel size.

        1. well the nexus 7 was barely portable before, so keeping the overall size the same wont add any benefits than just a slightly bigger display. also .7 adds quite a bit of size just look at the 7.9 inch iPad mini, that thing is huge and know where close to being portable, although it also has 4-3 ratio compared to the nexus 16-9

          1. We might just have to agree to disagree on what constitutes as “portable”. While I enjoy the current N7’s display size, I find myself wanting a little more in screen real estate. Having a tablet be “pocketable” is not on my high list of priorities as I tend to carry it around in its own sleeve. Also, I found the iPad Mini to be completely acceptable in size and portability. Again, it seems like it boils down to opinion.

      2. I think the iPad mini size is very portable. I don’t carry it like this, but it does fit in the back pocket of my american eagle jeans (btw, they’re not skinnys). I think 7″-8″ is perfect to still have some screen real estate, but still be small enough not to be cumbersome.

      3. actually the nexus 7 can stay the same size all they have to do is increase screen size and reduce bezel area…

      4. I call BS, I own a N7 and tried an iPad mini and both are just as pocketable as the other in my jacket pocket, about the only difference is the iPad mini doesn’t fit in my back pocket – not that’ I’d ever carry my tablet there anyway –

  2. My friend just got one now theres another one? Ugh!

    1. If they’re aiming for a May announcement it probably won’t be out for another 6 months or so.

      1. well the nexus 7 was released in june or July if I remember correctly so maybe the new one will be out around the same size

    2. Yeah technology advancement should stay still! Ugh!

    3. Why did he wait a year after the Nexus7 was released? its common knowledge that every year a new one comes out.

    4. If you don’t buy the device the year it come out, then don’t buy it the next year. There’s sure to be a better one coming out.

  3. still waiting. i love my nexus 7. but if this one comes out, i will sell my N7 on ebay really cheap, so i can get this one :D

  4. Will probably come out before the original model gets its dock : ) I hope they keep the same dimensions and make it backwards compatible. Would be great if this sits on the Nexus 4 wireless charger too.

  5. i hope in an hdmi output

    1. Agree so hard.

      1. Deeply. SlimPort + MicroHDMI? with dual monitor support. I’ll keep dreaming. I wish there was some port consistency between the nexus devices. SlimPort works on Nexus4 but not 10 or 7. The cables for the 10 dont work on the 4 or 7… miracast does not work on the 7.

    2. And a friggin SD card slot! Oh wait, not gonna happen.

      1. I wish lol

      2. I’d settle for not having the screen half lifted off of the device and every other manufacturing problem they never bothered to fix on the N7.

    3. YES!! Not having HDMI Out is the only thing that makes me want to sell my Nexus 7 for this Galaxy Note 8 that seems to be coming out. I hope they add this.

    4. Yea, HDMI output and/or Miracast is a must!

  6. I love Google but with so many advancments going on all at once it makes purchasing a new tablet or smartphone really freakin hard. I mean yesterday I think I’ve finally made the desicion to buy the Nexus 10 because of it’s amazing “ppi” and then today I read about a 1080 Nexus 7.

    1. So go buy the new Nexus 7. Oh that’s right, you can’t. Problem solved. Nexus 10 it is.

    2. nexus 10 has a long way to go because 90% of all play apps arent a optimized for that screen resolutiom

    3. Also, a NEW Nexus-10 will come out at the end of this year. Each year a new Nexus is released. So no matter what you buy, in a year or less, it will be out-dated. This is a fact of Technology.

  7. I’m just gonna sell my 16gb nexus 7 to my brother for $100, and buy the new one. :D

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I love my current gen 7, but 1080p will be hard to resist.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about screen resolution?

    1. Some people bought the iPad mini, so clearly not.

    2. The resolution on the current gen Nexus 7 isn’t bad by any means, but moar pixels is always better!

      1. Not always, more pixels = less battery life.

  9. Would be amazing if it only they would put a damned microSD slot in it.

    1. And WiHD

  10. See now I don’t know if I should still buy a Nexus 7 or not.. Been putting it off too long..

    1. i’m in the same boat. i was planning to but it soon but i kept looking for info of a potential release if it’s considerably better.and released soon i may think about it. then again there’s going to be a new one in 2014 so…meh.

  11. I just bought an iPad mini, but it looks like I’ll be purchasing this too. I loved the 7 I had, but I wish the Play store had more quality apps and entertainment options. When this debuts, I’ll just get the best of both worlds. Now, I just wish the Nexus 4 would come back into stock (fingers crossed).

    1. by the time the nexus 4 becomes easily accessible to purchase there will be another nexus phone on the horizon

      1. That time is today sir! Just ordered one.

  12. How about Google and Asus address the battery charging woes current Nexus 7 owners are experiencing first? 1080p sounds awesome, but if it can’t hold a charge, what’s the point?

    1. What are you talking about? =.?

      1. just google “nexus 7 battery charging problem”. See what you find. It’s not just isolated cases here and there. It’s a serious problem and google & asus have not even acknowledged it’s an issue.

  13. Won’t buy unless it has the SD slot and rear camera.

    1. I’ll save you some anticipation, You wont be buying it.

  14. Hmm wonder if the next iteration will use a tegra 4 chip since the current one uses a tegra 3 chip.

  15. This would be amazing if they added a SDcard slot, but Google said they would never do that, and please let this operate on 5.0GHz also and not just 2.4GHz. Also I hope they fixed all the sluggishness that takes place sometimes. I’ve reset my Nexus 7 4 or 5 times. I disabled Google Currents like most say to do, and still it can move slow. I have the 16gb version and never had less than 3GB left, and sine all the reset back to factory settings I’ve kept it around 8gb available.

  16. Uh.. okay way to throw a spanner in the works of me looking to get one of the current ones… 1080p? I’d wait for that

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