Samsung rakes in the dough with $52 billion in revenue, $8.27 billion in profit for Q4


Some of Samsung’s biggest competitors might be having a tough time turning a meaningful profit, but the South Korean technology giant should have no qualms with how its fourth quarter went. Samsung reported financials for the final period of 2012, and it revealed that over $52 billion in revenue rolled in from its various businesses. That was enough to give the OEM a healthy profit of $8.27 billion on the quarter, and $27 billion for the entirety of 2012.

Samsung has its hands dipped in a lot of different areas — including mobile, appliances, televisions, telecommunications and infrastructure, chipsets, displays, computers and more — so we didn’t expect much less. Regardless of how many different markets Samsung plays in, though, it’s still an impressive feat.

Mobile did continue to give Samsung a boost as it saw a 4% increase quarter-over-quarter, and the OEM name-dropped heavy hitters such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in its obligatory bragging rights ceremony. Despite such an awesome performance, however, Samsung was quick to remind people that it probably won’t do nearly in Q1’2013 as it did last quarter.

This is typical for any company, really — Q1 is a dry period for any business following the holiday season, and Samsung is no different. Samsung also says it will likely struggle a bit as it looks to adapt to the fast changing transition in traditional computing, with desktop and laptop PC sales down in favor of mobile and tablets.

Still, no one is better positioned to take advantage of that shift than Samsung. As the top mobile OEM in the world and the most successful Android phone manufacturer the industry has seen, Samsung is sitting right where it needs to be to take advantage of this change in the paradigm of contemporary computing.

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  1. Samsung wins [:

  2. How much profit would they have if they had profit margins like Apple? Apple would look like the poor kid on the block

  3. They earned it, simple as that

  4. Samsung is awesome!!!

  5. Samsung is awesome!!!

  6. What do you mean when you say web site

  7. 2012: holy cr*p!!! $188B SAMSUNG Electronics!

    2013: $200B+ SAMSUNG Electronics as a part of $300B+ SAMSUNG Group.

    It’s #1.

    Galaxy SIV, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and Note 3 FTW!

    SAMSUNG invests TONS of $$$ in R&D and perfects its manufacturing facilities constantly.

    It deserves respect, true TECH respect.

    I love Google and SAMSUNG!

    SAMSUNG is #2 patent recipient (5,000+ tech patents per year) behind IBM.

    SAMSUNG’s Q4 2012 R&D = $2.7B (!)

    Apple’s 2012 “R&D” = $500 million. LOL!!!!!

    SAMSUNG’s Android (#1 in the US) devices are SAMSUNG’s own innovations manufactured, designed, assembled by SAMSUNG. This deserves a honest respect.

    Apple’s devices are SAMSUNG’s, SONY’s, LG’s, SHARP’s innovations assembled by Foxconn Corporation in China!

    Chinese people buy them not understanding that their outdated iphones DON’T EVEN LEAVE CHINA, they’re manufactured and assembled in China, they’re NOT from the US. LOL.

    1. Well, actually, the A6 & A6X chips are built in Texas (Samsung built a dedicated factory) and totally designed by Apple, witch is where innovation lies. On the opposite, Samsumg has yet to design a single SoC (all Samsung Exynos are ARM designed).

  8. Good Job, Samsung! And with the upcoming Samsung GALAXY S4 Samsung will be much more

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