Jan 24th, 2013

Some rather interesting news has come through the wire courtesy of the owner of HTCRuu.com. According to them, HTC contacted the owner in order to seize the domain and to remove all copyrighted HTC logos on it. The reasoning was simple — HTC felt users would get confused and mistake the website for a legitimate HTC site. Odd, that, considering HTC allows other domains containing its initials to live. The deeper issue seems to have been the the actual distribution of RUUs, or so says the lawyer who is overseeing this matter.

Even with the RUUs now being hosted on AndroidFiles.org, HTC is seeking to block the distribution of the files as they are said to be copyrighted works of HTC’s, and that they provide functionality which could potentially harm an unsuspecting user’s device. Their claims aren’t all that outlandish — that’s why we always tell you that you’re responsible for everything you do on your phone when you start messing around with files HTC intends to keep away from us.

All of this is within HTC’s right — we can’t fault the OEM for any of this. We’re just left wondering why HTC is suddenly taking such a cautious approach to an area they’ve always been so open about. HTC was one of the first manufacturers to create tools specifically for unlocking the bootloaders on its phones, and the company generally steer cleared of any community efforts surrounding its devices. Their stance dates back to the old WinMo days, so to see them get defensive about the RUUs all of a sudden is quite odd.

We’re sure the distribution of these files won’t die forever. The development community has a charming way of being able to bounce back from anything and knocking down any brick wall in its way. It’s unclear whether this particular episode was more about the HTC name and imagery than a desire to block after-market development.

We would hope the former is the case, but HTC’s threats against the hosting of its files on AndroidFiles.org has us in doubt. We’ll be looking to get a statement from HTC regarding their motives and actions, so be on the lookout for updates as we’ll provide them as soon as we hear anything. You can read the full email chain over at Reddit.

[via AndroidForums.com]

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