Pink Droid RAZR M headed to Verizon in time for Valentine’s Day


If you’re looking to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, Verizon has a special version of the Motorola Droid RAZR M for you. Announced for release tomorrow, January 24th, the RAZR with an edge-to-edge display will be available in a new pink color scheme.

Pricing remains constant with previous versions of the phone, as does the handset’s hardware. For $99 you get dual-core processing, 4G LTE, and reliable battery life. I’ll take that over a box of chocolates and some flowers any day of the week.

[via Verizon]

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  1. The problem with these phones is that these are already outdated and two years from now they are going to be so terribly old.

    1. Many people just don’t care if it’s outdated if it worksforthem.

      For example, my wife is still rocking the ORIGINAL pink RAZR flip phone. The main reason she won’t let me upgrade her is because just about all new smartphones — even this smallish razr m — are “too big and fragile” and the batteries don’t last nearly as long as the old dumbphones.

      She just steals my SGS3 when she wants to use a smartphone, but I wish I could convince her to upgrade so we could do more. gtalk chat + video, location sharing, better pictures with me in them, etc…

    2. Depends on what your definition of “outdated” is. Compared to a Note 2, it obviously looks weak. But compared to most other Android phones, especially at that price range, it’s far superior.

  2. I don’t see many men buying this phone…

    1. Well…

    2. no way? we need to dig deeper.

  3. Actually I was planning to buy this phone for my wife. She has Incredible 2, and she doesn’t want bigger than that physical size. I think this the best phone within this physical size. The size of this phone is similar to Incredible 2. I know its 4.3 not 4, buy the body is almost the same and thinner.
    If you have other options, please let me know.

    1. The rezound might still be an option.
      The RAZR M has a terrible lo-res display.

      1. Rezound has Gingerbread. So, its out. I gave it a thought, and I like it, but 2.3 is out for me. 4.0 and up are welcome.
        and Razr M already has JB

        1. Rezound has ICS.

  4. They should of make A RAZR MAXX AND HD in pink not the small pink M

  5. Not that bad looking of a phone.

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