Jan 23rd, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:18 pm

We’re just over a month away from Mobile World Congress where we expect some very big announcements to be made. One of the bigger stories to follow has been HTC’s M7. We’re almost 100% certain the device exists and that it is supposed to be announced next month, but a new wrench thrown into the rumor mill suggests we’ll be hearing official word about it sooner than we expected.

The event will supposedly take place February 19th, a full week and some change ahead of the goings-on in Barcelona, and folks believe HTC could take to London to do its bidding. Considering how CES went it’s not a long shot to suggest HTC will take this route.

Many big companies skipped CES in terms of big mobile announcements, a trend that is increasingly sweeping the wireless industry. Everyone wants their own stage and their own time to ensure no one else can steal their thunder. The HTC M7 is a big deal for the company during times where it’s seeing its lowest profit margins in years.

With profits slowly slipping away HTC has to do everything it can to roar back into the spotlight, and we don’t blame the Taiwanese OEM if it doesn’t want to share with anyone else. Either way, no one has received any save the dates or invitations so until HTC starts rolling those out we won’t know what to expect from its February schedule.

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