Jan 23rd, 2013

GroupMe fans should stand up, do a little dance and make a little noise because you’ll be getting down tonight with a brand new update. As cheesy as that opening line was, this update is far from that — this is version 4.0, and it brings a completely fresh redesign to create the most elegant and beautiful looking version of GroupMe yet.

Chats are given a much more prominent position in the app as they are right front and center as soon as you open it. Chats will now feature bigger photos, you can share locations with a small built-in map feature, a left drawer gives you quick and easy access to all your chats, bigger avatars will represent your group chats in the right drawer and you can now tap avatars to send direct messages. You can also expect faster performance and a way to share access to your group chats with a simple URL.

Oh, and you tablet folks can finally ditch the stretched out phone UI as the app now has a user interface made specifically for bigger displays. All of it is mega exciting and makes me wish I had friends who weren’t content with the simple joys that text and MMS messaging used to bring. For those of you with enough of a social life to make this app worthwhile, you can find your free download in the Google Play Store here.

[via GroupMe]