Good Guy Samsung extends free Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Flip Covers promo


A few weeks ago, we told you guys about a Samsung promotion of sorts taking place on the manufacturer’s US Facebook page. They promo had customers with either the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2 register their devices with Samsung in exchange for a special care package. Inside, Samsung packed a free Flip Cover (a $40 value) in the color of your choice, as well as a handful of TecTiles to place about the home, office, or car. The promotion didn’t last long, and many were left high and dry once word spread throughout the internets.

For those of you that did go through the trouble of registering, but weren’t quick enough to nab your free goodies, you might want to check your email inbox (or spam box). Looks like Good Guy Samsung is honoring their promotion yet again with a 2nd wave of care packages being sent out to already registered users. While we’re not sure if registering now will do you any good, it certainly can’t hurt, can it? For those that nabbed the deal the first time around, you should check your mail as we’ve been getting numerous reports of the first round of Flip Cover and TecTiles already landing on doorsteps.

Thanks, Zanderman!

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  1. it also helps if you’re american since they’re the only country allowed in on this offer.

    1. Yep. That is a nice thing to point out. :)

  2. i never got mine before, but i was able to sign up and all that

    1. Keep an eye on your email.

  3. I got mine orange Note 2 cover only took like 2 weeks to get


    1. umm about 20,000 people took advantage of this, including myself…

      1. First of all, 20k is a pretty small number looking over the total population of the US. Second, it was only 12100 per S3 and N2.

    2. A $40 flip cover is to good to pass up, for old people or whoever.

    3. you must have an iphone too bad apple doesn’t give you a case unless you suffer from signal loss for holding the 4 wrong

    4. Tell that to the smoking hot chick I work with who has a flip cover for her Note II.
      Last time I checked, 27 is not old.

  5. Their giving this stuff away for FREE?

  6. Received my package yesterday and was happy to get a blue flipcover even though mint and orange were the only options to choose from when I registered

  7. They are not extending the’s not even on their Facebook page. Do you guys even check your facts or proofread?

    1. I’m sorry but are you not reading the text from the email? It’s posted above. In black and white — er, grey and darker grey.

      1. You posted in the title that they,”extended” this which could be concluded to believe that this is still on. You posted an image of this promotion furthering this. You posted,” While we’re not sure if registering now will do you any good, it certainly can’t hurt, can it?”. They no longer even have this on their Facebook to register for. Sorry but there are frequent errors with Phandroud articles and I am CERTAINLY NOT the first person to point this out.

        1. Lol @Gamercore:disqus no reply?

          1. Sorry, was too busy working to argue.

          2. i wish i could up vote this more than once

        2. yes yes, im sorry this article just ruined your entire week

        3. Thank you for making the Internet better gandhi, one blog at a time.

        4. Read the email dude. It does say it’s extended. 6th line down from “Hi”

        5. “there are frequent errors to Phandroud articles…”

          Pointing out there errors while making your own…. That’s funny.

      2. Don’t apologize to him Chris. I KNOW you’re telling the truth because the extended email came to my email at about 10:30 am on the 22nd. They’re only giving them to the first 12,100 GS3 and Note 2 owners.

  8. How funny I got mine today!!! They are great. I actually got to redeem for 2 of them for my Note 2’s

  9. I was registered before the promo and never got jack. (I did get a 50% off coupon, but didn’t use it…didn’t need anything on there enough to spend the $$$).

    1. I got the 50% off coupon. I want the free case dammit.

      1. Hah, ditto. Still no e-mail for me.

  10. I still never received my email for these, lol. Got my 50% off code, but nothing for the cases.

    1. same here

  11. I don’t even see the email for this offer

  12. same here. i havent got mine. so i dont care.

  13. i got mines last saturday.

  14. I got my care package for my note II last week. :p thanks sammy!

  15. No email, owell…

  16. can I get a link?

  17. Got my care package last week, much faster then I thought. Although I still need to program some tiles and I rocked the flip cover for a few days but it’s not for me. It was fine while I was at work but when I went out and took some pictures I kept taking a picture of the cover and having that dangle around while you use the camera is annoying.
    But Samsung really impressed me with this offer, I have already been more then happy with every Samsung phone since my galaxy nexus. This just was icing on the cake

    1. Send it to Sweden. I have a fine home for it here ^^

  18. I can feel the generousity across Nigeria Africa though Samsung e2222 model is for giveaway

  19. Signed up but never got an email. I still don’t see one, but I can dream.

  20. Just registered my Note 2, and just got an email with 50% off any accessory under $50. That’s it.

  21. Still haven’t got mine from the first time? And I successfully registered and got the 4-6 week confirmation email but still havent recieved mine in the mail?

  22. I scrolled through the comments and it looks like so far only note 2 owners have received their care packages. Hopefully the s3 cases are shopping soon

  23. Thanks to your last post re the flip cover, I registered and I guess you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but there was no choice of color… only PINK… but what the heck…a flip cover is a flip cover I guess… thanks..

  24. I got an email before hand and a message saying thanks, it will take 6-8 weeks. Now, I didn’t get an email confirming it was shipped or anything. Does that mean anything bad?

  25. I got my package last week , as well. Not sure about the tile things yet. :/

  26. haven’t tried my tectiles yet because of time. im very excited to start using those. the flip cover offers very little protection for the phone or screen. i like my thicker case better. plus the color choices are terrible. my current case is a nice slimming black for my note 2, which helps with people making fun of how big it is. lol

  27. .

    If they had not required use of FaceButt, they would have had a lot more regestrations in the first go round. Simple logic.

  28. Does anybody know if the 50% code is good for only one accessory or is it usuable for multiple items. Still waiting to hear about the smartdock on back order since 12/29.

  29. Yeah, i got mine yesterday and a few other people i told got theirs this week. I don’t care for the case that much, but i’ll try it for a week before going back to my normal case. The TecTiles are FANTASTIC though!


  31. So how do you when you will your get a free package? A tracking # or something?

  32. Finally got my care package today rocking the flip cover as we speak about to test these new tectiles out hahah sweet thanks sammy

  33. Never got my email…

  34. Lied to get more visitors to this website heh……. well played. … Well played.

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