HTC M7 headed AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon – T-Mobile still up in the air? [RUMOR]


There’s been a lot of talk regarding the HTC M7, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s next big flagship rocking top of the line specs and cutting edge design. We’ve already heard all about the rumored specs: 4.7-inch 1080p full HD display, 2GB of RAM, quad-core processor, and 32GB of internal storage. We get it — it’s going to be a got damn superphone.

Yesterday, we even saw what could be an early glimpse of the handset, thanks to a few leaked images of the device bearing a close resemblance to both the HTC Droid DNA and HTC 8X. Almost like a beautiful love child of the two. Combine top-of-the-line specs, with a sexy exterior and a newly revamped Sense 5 UI, and you have the makings of a world class stunner.

So, what else is there to possibly know about the device? How about US carrier availability? Tonight, the now infamous tipsters at @evleaks have confirmed via their Twitter account that the HTC M7 will be headed to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. This coming from their own sources who have provided them with “hard evidence.” As you no doubt already noticed, this leaves T-Mobile still up in the air at this point (but still a possibility). I still find it strange that Verizon would offer a device so incredibly similar to the Droid DNA, already being offered by the carrier. I supposed they might rebrand the M7 as some sort of Incredible sequel, who knows.

I don’t think we need to remind you that all of this should only be taken with the finest grain of salt although @evleaks has a pretty stellar track record when it comes to new device leaks. ‘Course, none of this will be 100% confirmed until we learn more about the device where it’s expected to be officially unveiled during next month’s Mobile World Congress, of which myself, Edgar and Kevin will be passing you all the latest info as it happens. We’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Please tell me those new, flat looking Sense icons are real…

    1. They’re real. And they’re wonderful.

      1. Spectacular

  2. If HTC wants to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, they need this on as many carriers and possible and it needs to go under one name across the board. Marketing and branding is something HTC has absolutely failed on. Sure a phone with high specs is fine, but they never had a problem putting out good phones. They have just carried out the same product launches while expecting a different result.

    1. Yeah, HTC makes solid devices that are powerful, look great, take awesome pictures, and have the best displays on the market. It’s a winning combination.

      All they need to do now is get the WORD OUT like Samsung (without going bankrupt in the process).

      1. imo they dont have to give you an SD slot but at least an option for expanded storage.

    2. Yea the HTC One x was an awesome phone but was only available on At&t in the U.S.

      1. And Sprint as the EVO LTE.

        1. Well they had the same internals but not the same design , I think that’s where the One X stood out. Its a good looking phone.

          1. The Evo LTE still looks stunning, and the build quality feels better than the One X imo… Plus I’m sure they had to redesign some internals to make room for the sd card slot

    3. I think the EVO name is much more popular than the ONE series, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna stick with that for Sprint.

      1. Yeah, they’ve built a solid brand with the EVO and will no doubt stick with it on Sprint.

        1. And change the appearance of it to where it doesn’t look like the phone we wanted in the first place.

          1. Along with the sd card and kickstand that we did want.

  3. Nice device

    1. These top-of-the-line specs overlook perhaps the most important one – at least for htc: battery capacity. Anyone know what that is?

  4. Being on all carriers with the same device is key… Hopefully HTC will have a profitable year because of this

    1. They continue to be profitable, just not the same profit as years before.

      1. They were barely making it through…
        I’m talking about bringing in that cash flow, so they can at least be similar to Samsung’s mobile success

  5. At least they’re keeping the screen size within the stratosphere. 4.7″ is very pocketable.

    1. Yes! and if its on screen buttons I am buying this, and forgetting about the nexus 4

  6. I think HTC should have waited to add one of those new chips shown off at CES before releasing this beast, they always jump in too early like they did last year with the tegra 3

    1. I think we’ll be hitting a ceiling soon in regards to processors. Only so much computing required to open up Twitter and Instagram every couple of hours. Of course, gaming is another story.

      S4 Pro is already great. HTC just needs to start optimizing their software to run light and quick and focus on new features, maybe even have the M7 come with Android 4.2 out of the gate.

      1. I remember a year or so ago you said displays were quickly hitting their ceiling lol and here we are in the era of 1080p displays on barely 5 inch screens. It’s nuts.

      2. HTC will have to release the device with 4.2.x out of the gate if they want to remain relevant.

      3. Yea for the average consumer it doesn’t really matter, but for people who want to run more than just angry birds on their phone the speed and fluidity will be noticeable.

  7. why would they move the buttons around and put the recently used apps in the middle? -.-

    1. this is a concept render by someone at home if i remember correctly. could be totally wrong though but HTC has been the ONLY company to mimick button placement correctly to how google intended it to be, i doubt they mess it up now

  8. Having it on Verizon isn’t that far fetched. Official announcing of the phone is not till next month, then it usually takes a month or two to hit carriers (and Verizon is usually the LAST one). The DNA launched in November, so a May launch would be 6 months of shelf life for DNA which would be a quick turnaround time for HTC, but Samsung and, ESPECIALLY, Motorola seem to launch high end devices much more frequently than that. Maybe HTC had seen their success and is trying to follow suit…???

    1. But I mean, what would the M7 offer that the DNA didn’t?

      1. Storage and a slightly smaller footprint

        1. Remember, they have to pitch this to Verizon. I’m not so sure they’d buy something that simply offers more storage than the DNA.

          1. With VZW’s recent trend of variations, this will probably be a Droid DNA “Mini” of some sort rather than another Incredible.

          2. This probably isn’t going to Verizon, The only company that can get away with selling a slightly different phone then their other models is Motorola with the Maxx

  9. Soooooooo this is basically a one x+ with more storage?

    1. Better display, processor, more RAM, storage, improved software and we’ll have to see what else.

      1. Sony’s Exmor sensor’s with some HTC magic.

  10. As amazing as these phones get and they STILL face the God damned speaker the wrong way. Fucking ridiculous!!!

    1. You mean the “cup your hand to reflect the sound” trick doesn’t work for you :) (also, I saw at CES that some cars now use a “sound pipe” to channel it around front)

  11. They need to seriously consider updating those ancient status bar icons. And by “seriously consider” I mean do it yesterday.

  12. Sense gets worse and worse every iteration.

    1. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Sense 4.0/4.1 were the best of the bunch, including other OEM overlays.

  13. Xperia Z > …

  14. Love the stats! Now the big question is how’s the battery life?

  15. Tmobile- htc m2, 4.5in 720p screen, quad core mtek processor, 16gb of storage. With the new plans they can’t go all out just yet, they have to slowly pull back the wool from the American consumers eyes that the cell companies have put up. You have never gotten a cell phone for free or $200 on contract EVER!

  16. Why not Tmobile? Of all the major carriers, Tmobile should be the first to get this BEFORE the other 3. Why? They dont have flagship HTC device thats running Android. The One S was never a flagship. Verizon has the DNA, why they need the M7 who knows? AT&T has the One X and One X+. Sprint has the EVO LTE (their own One X variant which is STUPID!) Tmobile doesnt even have an HTC flagship on their network They shouldve been the first in line to get this device! What the heck is going on? Some people really wanted the One X last year and waited in vain for it to come. And now this. I know it will and can probably change. But why all this stupidity about whether to get it? Of course they should get it. If it was the iphone they’d be falling all over themselves and slobbering and pissing their pants to get it and its not even close to being as nice as this device is going to be. I am mad bro.

    1. tmobile probably gets the HTC M5.5 always a step behind, hahaha.

  17. What possible reason could T-Mobile have to not get this in their lineup?

    1. its spectrum bands, and they probably cant test to see if the phone works with Tmobile LTE because t mobile doesnt yet have LTE.

  18. I agree, I doubt this will be on Verizon, they just put out the DNA.

  19. Hi,

    HTC CEO here… What do you think of my new plan to systematically destroy the company? Do you think it’s working? Please weigh in! Thanks!

    – HTC CEO

  20. HTC dont even change the name of you flagship device for no carrier name it the same for all of them like Samsung and apple did.

  21. I had the G1, now the Sensation, but HTC is going to have to do better than that to get me to bite again. Honestly, if they were just friendlier with the dev community and would release FULL source, that would probably be enough for me. They better put a respectable battery in there too…no more of this under-capacity, non-removable BS they’ve been pulling as of late. Oh, and no releasing a + version a month later…that’s some crap.

  22. I would like to see this hit Verizon in the same fashion the GS3 series did on all carriers. But Verizon can not cripple this phone the way they did the DNA.

  23. stop moving buttons u freaks ! every htc phone i go to they move buttons , and the bezel is too big and new sense looks like a 2001 blackberry

  24. Why should Verizon gets another phone FROM HTC? they have the crappy DNA already

  25. So it’s an HTC One X+ with 2gb of ram and only 32gb of storage vs 64gb it has now, truly amazing HTC, lol! Only thing to make this device anything not worthy is if it comes with the new tegra 4 chip.

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