Jan 22nd, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk regarding the HTC M7, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s next big flagship rocking top of the line specs and cutting edge design. We’ve already heard all about the rumored specs: 4.7-inch 1080p full HD display, 2GB of RAM, quad-core processor, and 32GB of internal storage. We get it — it’s going to be a got damn superphone.

Yesterday, we even saw what could be an early glimpse of the handset, thanks to a few leaked images of the device bearing a close resemblance to both the HTC DROID DNA and HTC 8X. Almost like a beautiful love child of the two. Combine top-of-the-line specs, with a sexy exterior and a newly revamped Sense 5 UI, and you have the makings of a world class stunner.

So, what else is there to possibly know about the device? How about US carrier availability? Tonight, the now infamous tipsters at @evleaks have confirmed via their Twitter account that the HTC M7 will be headed to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. This coming from their own sources who have provided them with “hard evidence.” As you no doubt already noticed, this leaves T-Mobile still up in the air at this point (but still a possibility). I still find it strange that Verizon would offer a device so incredibly similar to the Droid DNA, already being offered by the carrier. I supposed they might rebrand the M7 as some sort of Incredible sequel, who knows.

I don’t think we need to remind you that all of this should only be taken with the finest grain of salt although @evleaks has a pretty stellar track record when it comes to new device leaks. ‘Course, none of this will be 100% confirmed until we learn more about the device where it’s expected to be officially unveiled during next month’s Mobile World Congress, of which myself, Edgar and Kevin will be passing you all the latest info as it happens. We’ll keep you updated.

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