Jan 22nd, 2013

Looks like 500px is in hot water tonight after Apple forcefully removed the popular photo sharing application from their iOS App Store. The reason? Apparently the app was flagged enough times from users claiming it was harboring adult (and child) pornography, that Apple had to take action. If you’ve never heard of 500px, think of it as Instagram for grownups. Grownups, and pervy old men, apparently.

According to 500px COO Evgeny Tchebotarev, there was an update being pushed out that would have addressed the pr0n showing up in galleries by disabling nudes by default. Users would then have to log into the web-based site to remove the safe guard filter. When it comes to the child pornography allegations, Tchebotarev tells The Verge they’ve never — not even once — in the history of the company, ever received a single complaint and that if one should ever arise, they’d take action by reporting uploaders to the local authorities.

For those of you with Android devices, 500px employee Alex Flint let everyone on Twitter know that the Android version is still up and running without a hitch — “tasteful” nudes and all. You can grab the app via the link below.

[500px on Google Play | via TechCrunch]