Would Sony launch a 6.44-inch smartphone or media player?


Samsung seems to have created a very attractive market as many OEMs are looking to literally stretch their smartphone lines a bit. Every day we hear about bigger and bigger phones on the horizon that could almost pass for tablets. The 5-inch sweet spot that everyone seems to be enjoying right now isn’t what we’d call an extremity, but it seems another player could be gearing up to test the 6 inch market in the near future.

A component leak served up by Digi-wo suggests Sony is looking to build a device that has a screen size of 6.44 inches. The component appears to be the front, outer bezel which would cover up the ugly bits that we don’t want to see. You can clearly see a Sony logo on the right side of what looks to be holes for the camera and light/proximity sensors.

We’re not sure if this is supposed to come to us as a smartphone, but if so it would be one strange phone as the component doesn’t seem to make room for a speaker grill. At this size we would be more likely to believe that the device will come to us as a media player. It would certainly seem to fit Sony’s domain as the company still has a lingering Walkman brand it could look to revitalize.

Whatever’s happening, I can tell you that a 6.44 inch device looks awfully awkward to hold. Trying to palm it looks like it’s almost one stop short of trying to palm a basketball so it’ll be interesting to see how that feels in person. Should these claims be legit then we could see Sony show something off at Mobile World Congress, an event Sony holds near and dear to its heart, and one it absolutely loves to use to announce its latest wares.

[via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s definitely a mednia player

    1. Parhaps there will be a unibody design which will hold the earpiece like the one s/x

  2. medina>*

  3. Let’s shrink that bezel some more. The OEM’s have the technology already to make thin bezels on all sides, but they keep procrastinating

    1. We’ll soon reach a point where the bezel can be reduced no further, though, and then we can no longer use this “depends on the bezel” argument for large phones/phablets.

      The bezel obviously can’t be ZERO on ALL sides, since then you have no room for I/O sensors (or fat fingers w/o s/w workarounds), but it can be close to zero on the left&right sides (enough for cases to snap onto), a few mm on the bottom, and a few more mm on the top (for slim speaker + sensors – carrierlogo).

      Also, the smaller the bezel the smaller the turn radius around the sharp corners will have to be, and the less space there is to work a distinct design into.

      1. Mostly correct :D

  4. Great, I’ll keep this in my man purse.

  5. The answer is, ‘No’.

  6. Formula for smartphone screen size: (Year Number – 2007). Examples:
    5 inches (2012 – 2007)
    6 inches (2013 – 2007)

    See you in 2050.

  7. That would be awesome i can replace my year old greatness WALKMAN Z since it won’t receive the 4.0 update.

  8. 6 inches is insane for something that you’re supposed to be able to fit into your pocket.

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