Google and Samsung cooking up quad-core Nexus 10?


Is Google cooking up an updated Nexus 10 in conjunction with Samsung? Sources say yes, and go one step further, claiming the new tablet is already making the rounds wearing the case of the original Nexus 10. Bright Side of News says the prototype model was sneaking around the back halls of CES and could again make a covert appearance at MWC before a grand unveiling at Google I/O.

So what’s new in the rumored second-gen Nexus 10? A quad-core CPU with 8-core Mali-T678 graphics, an upgrade from the dual-core Exynos 5 found in the first iteration. According to the initial report, the folks at Bright Side of News were able to take the tablet for a test drive and benchmarks proved to be “night and day” by comparison.

Making thing a little more interesting, the rumor immediately called us back to a story from earlier today detailing new tablet models from Samsung. One in particular, codenamed Roma and carrying model number GT-P8200, appears lined up as the successor to the Nexus 10, which carries the model number GT-P8110. While talk of a quad-core version of the slate is strictly rumor at this point, the existence of this Roma tablet creates a good deal of intrigue.

If a quad-core model proves to be in development, don’t expect it to launch any time soon. Google reportedly plans to launch the device closer to the back-to-school fall season.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. They need to cook up a patch for the continuous force closing going on.

    1. I haven’t had problems with force closes, but it has frozen up on me twice and had to be restarted.

  2. If this new Nexus is not coming out until the second half of the year, then an upgrade to quad core sounds slightly disappointing. I would want Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa in there.

    1. I think if this is true, it will be out pretty soon after it is announced. I see this upgrade like the upgrade from 16gb max storage on the N7 to 32gb

      1. Perhaps, but a processor upgrade is a bit more serious than a new SKU for memory. Either way, I would like my next tablet to be a nexus again… So I’m hopeful that they announce a new one at the end of the year with one of the next gen CPU/GPU solutions.

        But you’re right, nexus products do normally come out pretty soon after being announced.

    2. What is the use of an octa-core? Most Android phones have dual-cores, so developers aren’t going to go out of their way just to code/optimize their apps for 8-core CPUs. It’s all about the lowest common denominator. Quad-cores have just become mainstream in desktops/laptops. Octa-core CPUs in phones would be insane. Heck, I’m for it, but you’ll have to wait a long time for developers to optimize apps for it.

  3. I have a Nexus 10 and absolutely love it.

    Edit: We just need official accessories!

    1. How has the performance been? All the reviews I have seen have been down on it’s performance. That is the main reason I didn’t get it.

      1. I have had a stellar experience with mine. No lag & no slowdown at all. I would highly recommend the N10.

      2. I have one and love it as well. But there are lags and bugs.

        When you try to scroll through a web pages there is an initial jitter that becomes smooth later. It locks every 10-15 hours or so of use (average), and I’ve had probably 4-5 spontaneous re-boots in the couple of months that I’ve owned it.

        These are really small things, fodder for silly arguments between brand fans. It’s overall a great device, and I don’t regret getting it at all. Even if I agree with ArmageddonX that Google should have shipped accessories like the flip cover and the Pogo charger at launch (charging takes 8 hours or so).

        1. Thanks for the honesty and what I have seen in reviews.

        2. I had the random reboots as well, but disabling location services fixed it. No problems since! I’m looking forward to a more permanent solution though.

          More info here:

      3. Love it, have had it for a month now and use it constantly. I was on the fence, then got one ones as a gift for Xmas, so glad. Screen is amazing, performance is great. Definitely some little bugs here and there but overall a fantastic experience. Trust me, go grab yourself one, you won’t be disappointed.

        -sent from my Nexus 10

  4. I never trust Samsung, they seem to dictate specs, then a month later release a much better hardware device. Google go with Asus.

    1. I think you are confusing Samsung with HTC..

  5. Unrelated but I wonder what they will call it, hopefully they dont do what Apple does with reusing the same name over and over again.

    eg the iPad, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad with Retina Display and the next one, the NEW iPad, not to be confused with the OLD iPad, which was also called the NEW iPad, but is now the OLD iPad, but we didn’t change the name of the NEW iPad to the Old iPad, we are just calling the NEW iPad, the NEW iPad. So if you are 3 generations behind and have the NEW iPad, just remember you don’t have the NEW iPad, you have the NEW iPad, which is not the NEW iPad but now a OLD iPad.

    But at the same time I hope they dont use the regular Samsung naming system eg: Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch etc

  6. It’s sounds good, but the device is hardly ever available at Google Play. Also, will it have an antenna for independent internet connection [LTE]? It should be an Exynos 5 Octa if it’s going to be available in the 2nd half of the year.

  7. Damn, I would hope for a summer release. Hopefully, the price point remains the same, too… I can’t really afford anything pricier.

  8. Now I think I need to hold out for this baby, even though that new Sony Tablet is calling my name, but, it is a little dated on internal specs and will probably be $499 to $599 so that will be crossed off my list. I hope they keep this one the same price point, $399 and $499

  9. Question: For those of you that already bought/own the Nexus 10 will you be upset if a newer, more powerful model drops soon at or near the same price point?

    1. This is kind of a dumb question. Who wouldn’t be mad if they bought anything and a few months later a better version came out that was cheaper. I’m still mad about buying my Nexus 7 16gb at launch and then 2 months later they knock $50 off and add a 32gb model at the same price I paid for my 16gb. That’s the price you pay for technology though.

    2. Nope, I’ll buy that one too.

    3. Its kind of stupid to get mad over that. If that were the case Apple fans should be in an uproar every time an iPhone _s comes out.

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