Verizon Galaxy Note 2 receiving update, could be Exynos security fix


Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is receiving a small update, but what exactly the new software version brings to the table is a mystery. Well, not a complete mystery. The update, which when prompted should take only a few minutes to download and install, carries the build number VRALL4. That’s the same as a recent Galaxy Note 2 update (UVALL4) for T-Mobile, save for a few different (carrier specific) letters at the the front.

The update for Verizon’s phone, then, likely deals with the same issue as the one for T-Mobile’s handset: a root exploit pertaining to Samsung’s Exynos chipset. Perhaps confirming this are reports that the update cannot be rooted using current methods. So, if rooting is your thing, there is a tradeoff here. But if you are the type to root, you should be familiar enough with potential security risks to make an educated decision on whether or not to update to the latest software version.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I wish they would update the price to a lower one too!

    1. You Wish buddy !!!
      They are infact charging you 50 extra dollars if you want to go without the the 2 year contract. I paid 745 for note 2 in order to keep my unlimited data.

      1. mine cost 640

        1. Retail per Samsung for EVERY carrier is 799.99, so you both got discounts. Go to http://www.samsung.com/us/topic/our-galaxy-smartphones to see for yourself.

          1. Well it says 799.99 but it was 649 + tax on all the US carriers besides Verizon Wireless because they were 699 + tax. Also I didn’t get any headphones out of the box as well.

          2. I’m not sure what is that Safe Enterprise thingi on there. But here is the link where I’ve bought mine from


  2. LL4? that’s December 4th compile date right? can’t be the Exynos fix…

  3. Just saying this update bricked my phone and I don’t know why. I was watching YouTube videos in bed, went to go pee and came back to a “System software is not authorized by Verizon Wireless” message. This was minutes before I had to leave to work so I just popped my SIM in my galaxy nezus . Anybody know how to undo this? I got no warnings of update. I only found out about it just now online. Stopped working around 10am pst ,the time of update. Rooted but not unlocked and obviously not backed up ;(

    1. More people have the same issue. See this post from Adam Outler: http://goo.gl/WLVzy .

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