Samsung Galaxy “Fonblet” said to be a Galaxy Player 5.8 with phone radios [RUMOR]


It seems we can’t go more than a week without hearing rumors about some new Samsung device with some obscure screen size. From 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches, all the way up to 8 inches and beyond, Samsung is rumored to be testing pretty much every screen size you can think of. Now, new rumors are surfacing that the company might be trying out the 5.8 inch screen size on for size.

This isn’t really a new screen size for Samsung — the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 currently on sale in Korea comes with it. The rumor does state Samsung will be looking to bring a phone out with this size, and that Samsung will be calling it the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet. SamMobile, usually a reputable source, says that it’s “confirmed,” though no substantial evidence was given to back that claim up.

If real, the Galaxy Fonblet (ouch on the name, by the way) would most likely sit somewhere between the upper echelon of mid-range and on the lower end of the high-end side of the market. It doesn’t sound like a device Samsung would look to bring to all markets, but it’s always tough to try and pinpoint the target markets for these releases.

Not much is known about the Fonblet, but we can’t imagine it won’t share some of the characteristics that the Galaxy Player has. That device has a qHD resolution, a 3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth 4.0. Being that it’s a media player and considering that the original Galaxy Player wasn’t that powerful we never expected it to have uber impressive specs, but perhaps the Fonblet will step things up a bit. Should this device be in the works then we could expect to hear about it at Samsung’s showing at Mobile World Congress next month, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed to hear something concrete ahead of time.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “Fonblet”? I call fake on this one.

  2. Not sure about this one.

  3. I like the speakers.

    1. I’m all for front facing speakers. Hopefully this becomes a common trend.

      1. YES. I wish manufacturers would do something like choosing between using front speaker only, rear speaker only, or both at the same time. Similar to how you choose between using the front facing camera or rear camera.

      2. When playing games on my iPhone i always cover up the speaker with my finger on accident and when showing friends videos outside on my GS2 I have to cup my hand around the back to direct the sound towards us…

  4. I hope this is a new Galaxy Player because all the other ones suck! And can’t compete with the ipod at all. I look forward to this!

  5. eewwwwww! this what results after a Tab 2 and Note 2 get it on. fuggly baby. calling fake

  6. I like my 5″ Galaxy player, which I got cheap off of one of the sale of the day type sites when it first came out. It can be a little slow when using a browser, though. I’d love to have a tablet of this size with a faster processor. I only hope the battery will be user replaceable and available at a reasonable price. That would make it a definite buy for me, eventually (since the 5″ galaxy is difficult to replace the battery by the user without soldering, and the batteries are hard to find and around $100, when I only paid $165 for the entire device).

  7. Hope it’s better than the current galaxy players…

  8. There are so many samsung phone and tablet devices. At times I wonder how much Samsung would be better if they would just only have 1 main tablet line (2 tablet sizes), and 1 main phone brand line with (3 models: high end, mid end, low end specs).

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