Falcon Pro 1.6 brings mute by keyword, redesigned user profile screen and more


Falcon Pro just got another huge upgrade in the Google Play Store, and its list of new additions, changes and fixes is long enough to be a grocery list. Its quick ascension to the throne of Android-based Twitter apps has been facilitated by timely and fruitful updates ever since it was in early alpha, so let’s see what this quick developer has added this go around.

For starters, the user profile screen has been redesigned with better views of who’s following you and who you’re following. A new “starred users” feature will allow you to favorite those whose tweets you care about the most. You can finally view a user’s profile picture within a native in-app viewer, you can now search for users, you’ll find a new user picker when going to compose a direct message and more.

Users can also look forward to the ability to mute tweets by keyword, improved autocomplete, support for Twitpic, YFrog and Mobypicture and a whole lot more. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the changelog was much longer than that. You’ll want to read up on what else is new over at XDA, and if all of that sounds nice enough to spend some megabytes on then head to the Google Play Store and get your download started.

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  1. I’m so sick of non-voice, non-member person so-called forms of communication!!!

  2. This looks cool, but I need multiple account support.

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