Gene Effect for Android now available


A very popular space exploration game for iOS by the name of Gene Effect is now available for Android. The game takes place on the planet Kratoss, and the player’s job is to explore the ancient alien mines found on the planet for the purpose of gathering resources and other various objectives. Things aren’t as straightforward as you’d hope, of course, so expect resistance from the planet’s natural habitat.

It’s a side-scrolling action-adventure game that features combat, puzzles, hidden areas to discover, ship upgrades and more. 21 different missions will keep you busy as your expedition takes you to depths of the planet that have yet to be traversed. Different difficulty levels are provided to give anyone a challenge no matter what your skill level is. There are also six trophies to acquire, 25 music tracks to unlock real physics, randomly generated level content for a different playing experience every time and more.

The developers, Lightstorm3D, are asking for $3.50 for the privilege of playing, but it sounds like there will be no shortage of content and fun to be had for such a minuscule price. Give it a shot here in the Google Play Store, and don’t forget to watch the gameplay trailer above for an idea of what to expect ahead of time.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. No Play Store link?! (:

    1. Were you that 1 download? LoL!!

      1. Lol Nah.

  2. Anyone give it a shot yet?

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t really see the fun in this game. Looks more like a puzzle game. I just seen a ship flying around trying to solve things. I think I’ll pass until I hear more reviews later on.

  4. Seems a bit expensive to me. If it was 99 cents I would buy it.

    1. This is why developers are so slow to bring their games to Android. If you want decent games don’t be so cheap.

      1. Agreed, the majority of Android users are so bloody cheap!!

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