Jan 10th, 2013

 B&H Photo was supposed to ship the official dock for the ASUS Nexus 7 starting today, so we decided to check up on that estimation. Can’t say we’re surprised that the original date has been pushed back a tad — the retailer is now saying the docks will ship January 16th. That’s not much of a delay compared to the 10th, but considering Google nor ASUS has made any date official then it’s not wise to put much stock into anything a third party says.

Still, we believe the wait won’t be long at all. The Verge has heard (from the typical “trusted source,” of course) that the dock will ship within two weeks, and has confirmed the $40 price tag we’ve been hearing will hold up. Folks in the UK will be unhappy to hear that the rumored price in those parts of the world is £79 — for a dock that does little more than cradle and charge a Nexus 7, as well as delivers its tunes through a set of small speakers, that seems a bit steep.

Don’t curse the name of ASUS or Google just yet, though, as it’s not wise to spill too many emotions before it’s all official. We’ll keep our eye on B&H’s shipping estimates as it seems to be the only reliable retailer with any semblance of an idea of when this thing is shipping. Even the Google Play Store is devoid of any information regarding the dock, but it clearly exists and we are closer than we’ve ever been to seeing it arrive.

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