Jan 10th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:39 pm

The Google Play Store has received some changes that users and developers alike will surely appreciate. For starters, the Play Store website is now doused with the Roboto font Google introduced in Android 4.0. It’s not a huge change, but the result is a subtle, elegant look that our eyes are quite attracted to. Most people shouldn’t have any issues seeing this on modern web browsers so head to the Play Store and check it out for yourself.

On a more functional note, Google has rolled out the ability to respond to user reviews to all developers. The feature was only available to top developers previously, but this “beta” of sorts has ended and all developers can now offer a much deeper level of support.

Developers have been wishing for this feature ever since Android’s existence. No longer will developers have to break down and cry when a user leaves a 1-star review for a feature they don’t know how to use or an unusual bug that is encountered — they can respond directly and not have to worry about whether or not a user knows how to use the report submitting and developer email functions properly. Developers can find the features in their developer console, so give it a try and start responding to some of those pesky 1-star voters.