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In the world of custom ROMs there are a few names that stand out. CyanogenMod is the biggest, of course, with millions upon millions of downloads gracing handsets ever since the original G1. Many popular names have sprouted since then, including AOKP. One unique ROM has taken the after-market world by storm, though, and I think you all know it as MIUI.

The ROM — which is a heavily customized version of Android — has been downloaded over 10 million times to date. MIUI changes the Android experience so much that you might not recognize it at first glance. It’s not for everyone, but the ROM is very beautiful, stable and usable, and it has obviously made quite a few people happy.

MIUI has reached this milestone over a course of 850 days and nights, 957,981+ forum posts, 80 senior engineers and 188 weekly updates to the ROM.

With today’s milestone news the group has announced a new initiative to help donate money to the Beijing-based Smile Angel Foundation. The charity was founded in 2006 to help children who are born with severe cleft deformations. You can help these good people out by simply downloading a ROM called MIUILove. For every download, .1 RMB will be donated by the MIUI team.

There have been 40,106 downloads of the theme as of the time of this writing, which means roughly $645 has been raised thus far. That’s not a ton when you think about the number of downloads, but any amount is quite nice. The theme features hues of pink and has little hearts scattered throughout. Most males might not “love” it as much as females, but give it a download anyway just to support the cause. Be sure to see if MIUI is available for your device, and give it a try if you like what you see.

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