Jan 9th, 2013

NVIDIA put on quite the exciting show in Las Vegas at CES, but many of you might not have been in attendance or online to see it live. Well, here’s your chance as the full video has been put up for everyone to watch on Twitch.tv. You’ll want to carve out an hour or two (or maybe close to three) as this is one long video, but it’s worth watching every bit.

NVIDIA shows off its new powerful Tegra 4 chipset, and unveils the handheld gaming experience that it hopes will shake the game up a bit — project SHIELD. Don’t fret if you don’t have the time, though, as you can find more details regarding Tegra 4 here and project SHIELD here, as well as our eyes-on look at the latter right here.

We’ll also be getting our hands-on with SHIELD later on today so stay tuned for even more juicy coverage from the NVIDIA booth at CES. Grab yourself some popcorn, sit back and hit the play button above if you don’t have much better to do.

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