Hisense Pulse and Google TV at CES 2013


Hisense was on hand at CES to show off their latest lineup of smart TVs featuring the Android-baed Google TV, a lineup of HD big screens that nicely compliment the company’s smaller Pulse box. If you’re not familiar with the Hisense Pulse, in form and feature it is very similar to another Google TV product, the Vizio Co-Star.

The design seems to be the trend with Google’s partners in recent months (see: the Asus Qube). Rather than create a bulky set-top box, Google TV manufacturers are pushing toward smaller devices that take advantage of mobile-sized components. You still get full connectivity, as you would with any other Google TV, as well as a full suite of apps for finding video content and more.

While the Pulse will work with just about any HDTV (provided you have an HDMI connection), if you’re in the market for a complete set Hisense also offers their Smart TV range as an all-in-one option from 32 inches and beyond. A quick look around offered a fairly typical Google TV experience on some surprisingly elegant televisions. And the image quality wasn’t half bad either.

Hisense isn’t exactly the first name you think of when you start shopping for a new HD set, but they are looking to make a bigger push. If their showing at CES this year is any indication, expect to see more from them in the future.

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  1. **PULE** Title

  2. “android *based*” line one, needs correction
    just a heads up

    1. rob, how was the UI, any specs , pricing? specifically on the box?….. its good to know that another product is out there, but many of us readers (i think) are waiting on a gtv box that is actually worth its weight and will help lift the platform it would be nice to have a tad more info on the products, perhaps a small review on the box, or at the very least some specs on the TV’s themselves, other than “bigger than 32″, with ok picture” and “well, its kinda like a co-star” not trying to be overly critical…just some food for thought.

      1. answer this man’s question!!! Especially how it compares, spec wise, to the other gtv set to box’s at this convention

        1. yes there were two, the Qube and the neo box or whatever its called. the Qube demo was not live from what ive read, so i dont expect side by side comparisons. just looking for more info on the live products on the show. if you take time to publish an article, give us some juicy goodness beyond from what i can see from he 3 pics posted, if this is all your going to give me, dont waste money on the plane ticket and just send a photographer to take pics of stuff and add captions. usually rob is great, so, im not knocking his overall effectiveness, but this article needs more.

          1. upvote this man

  3. I recently purchased the Pulse. The UI you are showing, is not what I have.. Is this an updated version? or an HDTV with a different(custom) build of Google TV?

  4. Gotta be the least interesting article I have read about CES.

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