Modder makes cradle-enabled game controller out of Gameboy chassis and Wii controller guts [VIDEO]


It looks like MOGA has been inspiring some folks lately. YouTuber Chad Boughton uploaded a video of his awesome creation — a wireless game controller made out of an old Gameboy and some Wii controller parts. The Gameboy was carved to house a cradle that fits the Galaxy Nexus (Chad’s device of choice) perfectly, and the buttons were rewired with the Wii’s.

He then uses the Wii Controller IME app as the driver that helps it all go. This custom modification isn’t something that he’s looking to put up on something like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter, but we wouldn’t mind a walkthrough for those of us feeling a bit nostalgic.

Some YouTube commenters even suggested he use an NFC sticker to automate the tasks of turning on Bluetooth, enabling the Wii IME app and setting everything else up to get ready to game. It’s not a bad suggestion at all. Unfortunately those of us not skilled enough to pull this off can’t do much more than watch the YouTube video above to see it in action, so go ahead and hit the play button to do just that.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is……AWESOME !!!!!

  2. I think I saw this earlier, but I’m not sure where I reddit

  3. I’ll give you ALL my money if you give me this. I want it!! Dugh!! Why’d I change my major from electronics to hardware? I’d know how to do things like this. -_-

    1. You should still be able to do it man.

      Should just have to rewire the old GB button contacts with the wiimote board.

      I would think it’s a case of some wire and some soldering.

      1. Yea. I was thinking I could if it was basic rewiring. I’ve opened up controllers before and seen how they work.

        1. If I could scrounge up my old GB, which might be buried in a box at my parents somewhere, I would totally take a crack at this.

  4. I just realized something. Nintendo likes to keep things the same. I have an idea on how he did this.

    Fun fact. If you get a battery charger for a GBA it will fit in the Wii Mote perfectly. What I’m talking about are those batteries that are combined together and you take them out, charge them and put them back in. It’s crazy.

    So I wouldn’t put aside that Nintendo used the same size for the dPad across their WiiMote, GCN, and Handhelds. This would also make it easy to get parts.

    Hmm… I may look into this.

  5. Nice work!

  6. omg that guy’s thumbs look like they are busted. wth?

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