Eyes-on: Lenovo K900 at CES 2013


If you live outside of China you likely won’t ever get your hands on the Lenovo K900. If you are attending CES, you’ll have a hard time as well. We got to marvel at the 5.5-inch piece of machined Android goodness under a thick layer of glass, and while we can’t speak to the phone’s performance we can definitely attest to its design.

The K900 looks to be available in a variety of metal finishes. Brushed steel, diamond-plate, or a gold variant that looks like it could be housed at Fort Knox. Considering we only got to ogle the handset, build quality will remain a mystery (as well as how Lenovo handled the antenna placement considering all the interference normally caused by metal casings).

The K900 spots a spec sheet to rival the best of them. It packs a 5.5-inch 1080p HD display, class-leading 13MP Sony Exmor camera sensor, and Intel’s latest Atom processor for mobile devices. Thanks to its unique design it packs it all in a frame only 6.9mm thick. Yes, this thing is pretty slim.

It’s a shame Lenovo won’t be bringing this to other markets, but the number of hurdles the company would need to jump to make that happen has killed any chance for us to get a closer look at the phone. Those in China and certain other emerging markets will see the phone starting in April.

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  1. How come? I though Lenovo said that they’re gonna make it available for selected regions.

  2. Thats a lot of bezel for a 5.5″ screen.

  3. Why even show up at CES with this? Make it a global phone.

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