Sony touts Xperia Z as most dirt and water resistant smartphone ever


We’ve seen this before. A smartphone dunked in water. It’s a standard trick of the trade show sect. But it’s not everyday that an uber water resistant device also sports the sort of specs we expect from a top tier handset. And in this case, Sony’s Kaz Hirai has touted their new Xperia Z flagship as the most dirt and water resistant smartphone ever.

It’s going to take some real world use to prove whether his statement is true or false, but the gorgeously built handset is definitely made for the task. All ports — even the 3.5mm headset jack — have flaps to keep them watertight.

The Xperia Z looks to be a great Android smartphone in its own right, but given the extra level of protection against life’s hazards you can use it without fear. Check out the handset taking a quick dip and see for yourself.


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Hands-on: Sony Xperia Z [VIDEO]

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  1. Chris shoots the quick video and hands the article writing off to Kevin?

    1. Give Chris a break would ya, he is so excited about this device he had to go & towel himself off.

    2. TEAMWORK!

  2. But it’s still a Sony, in the state’s we will get it with a locked bootloader, it won’t get updates because as per usual Sony they find it easier to just release more phones instead of updates.

    1. Sony is one of the most developer-friendly OEMs.

    2. Don’t which Sony your talking about but expect an unlocked bootloader. Sony has been really good with updates recently.

    3. Sony did a 180 after the Xperia X10. They were one of the most locked down makers. After the turn around, they were even working with xda, if memory serves.

  3. This is going to pull me away from HTC. It’s very useful for the real world!!

  4. Why put the charge port there?! I use my phone plugged in daily.

  5. My dad accidentally dropped his HTC Incredible into a bucket of water once -didn’t discover it for over 10 minutes. We had to call it to find it… it rang in the bucket of water, and absolutely nothing was wrong with it. It didn’t even turn off.

  6. so da f— what. sony just needs to promise software support for their device for at least 2 years or so and ppl will give them a 2nd look.


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