Hands-on: Sony Xperia Z [VIDEO]


Hey, guys! We are at Vegas getting everything we can for you, and we must say the Xperia Z definitely makes it to our top list of devices at CES 2013. We got our hands all over this bad boy, so check out our video to see what our thoughts on this device are!

If you are searching for a good-looking, svelte device, you may not need to look any further. This device looks sexy. In fact, it is very similar to the LG Optimus G. It has a glass back and front, which makes it very aesthetically pleasing, but it could also make the device more susceptible to breaking (LG devices with glass backs have been known to crack easily).

Once you start using the device, the 5-inch 1080p display simply blows you away. It is incredibly crisp, but the colors are not as saturated and vibrant as I expected. Sony is also trying to simplify its manufacturer UI. It now more closely ressembles Vanilla Android, but it does have some improvements and modifications. You can take a better look in the video, but more easily explained… it looks a bit like Motorola’s new UI.

We have no details on pricing or availability, but this will be Sony’s flagship device for some time, so it should come at the expected $200-$300 high-end price (with a contract). What say you, guys? Will you make this your next device?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Down sides: not a fan of the UI, but that isn’t a big issue. That cover for the headphone jack… why is it there?..
    But other than that, what’s the storage on that, and how big is the battery?
    Great looking device, nonetheless.

    1. 16 gig internal with sd expansion. 2700mah battery.

    2. ALL the covers for the ports are because the Xperia Z is a waterproof and dustproof device. Look around online to see all the pictures and videos of the phone being left in a fish bowl full of water.

    3. It’s there for water resistance. I typically find flaps annoying because they don’t do much, but in this case, I can dig it. It actually can hold up against water, it seems.

  2. 13 megapixel camera not 12.

  3. that launch area looks a little too much iOS for my taste.

  4. looks nice. but is it gonna be available on all major carriers or is it gonna be AT&T or Verizon exclusive as usual?

    1. There’s a Sony phone on VZW other than the Play?

  5. Another glass back? Ugh. 32 or 64 GB versions?

    1. And looks like no removable battery either. *sigh*

  6. Wow! Sammy better come out with guns-a-blazing with the S4 or I’m jumping ship. That Z is simply stunning!

  7. I’d get it if Sprint would EVER pick up a damn Sony Android for once

    1. Sony hasn’t had an Android phone worth picking up until now

  8. Sprint would be stupid to not pick up this device.

    Sony would be stupid to not fix their terrible job of upgrading Android devices. Although this stock-ish look seems like it might help simplify things.

    Samsung and Apple would be stupid to not take some cues from this device.

  9. That is one sexy phone.

    1. That is one sexy girl ;)

      1. Tracy Spiridakos is her name. :P

        1. If she looked even remotely like that on Revolution, I might have watched a couple more episodes.

        2. I, for one, do not find her attractive. She could be my lunch lady and serve me meatloaf.

  10. Looks great! That Z is simply stunning!

  11. Definitely going to be my next device. With the open nature of Sony, 3.4 kernel, water-proof and decent specs, this is definitely worth buying.

  12. that phone’s hot

  13. I wonder how Sony’s update process will be

  14. About time, Sony!

    I’m dropping Samsung for this. I knew they had it in them.

  15. Flap over the headphone jack? Bah!

  16. I like it, in addition to all the nex gen features, it has a mini-sd slot and an fm radio. Now I just wonder how easy it will be to root, developer interest, and if I can run it on t-mobile.

  17. I’d love to know more about the audio quality and walkman app. :)

  18. I want: Sony Experia Nexus

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