NVIDIA details Tegra 4 platform at CES 2013


72 GPU cores? Four A15 CPUs? Integrated LTE support? That, boys and girls, is what we call the Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s latest update to its line of mobile processors. Pitted head-to-head against the Samsung Nexus 10, a prototype running the new platform loaded 25 web pages in nearly half the time (using a simulated internet connection).

Though the graphics company is known best for its work in perfecting high-quality PC gaming, the Tegra 4 has a few tricks up its sleeve beyond playtime. NVIDIA has placed a special focus on the SoC’s photo processing capabilities, particularly when it pertains to HDR photography. Tegra 4 reorganizes the photo capture stack in order to snap HDR photos instantly. It can even provide a live HDR preview in order to help hone your shot.

NVIDIA is labeling it the hands-down fasted mobile processor on the market, and they didn’t end their demo without showing off a bit of Dead Trigger 2. As you might expect, the new architecture delivered near-console quality graphics on a mobile device. Pretty nifty stuff. We’ll be checking out the Tegra 4 processor in depth as CES marches on, so stay tuned for more throughout the week.


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  1. Bye Bye Nexus 10

    1. Agree the Tegra 4 might be faster than Exynos 5250… but it’s really too soon to bye the N10 off… I would imagine it would take a minimum of 3 months for a good tablet with tegra 4 to hit the market…then comes the pricing, then comes lengthy update process… I would still stick with N10 timely updates are important for me…
      Till now only vizio announced a tegra 4 tablet and no dis-respect meant but i don’t really rate vizio that high…

    2. Not until we see real world performance of Tegra4 tablets. They probably used lower resolution screen on this demo unit and different browser vs chrome, retina display on N10. Not really a fair showing of its performance vs Exynos 5250.

  2. SHIELD!!!

  3. When will the first 10″ tablet with a Tegra 4 hit the market?

    1. Probably sometime after they announce a 10″ tablet with a Tegra 4

  4. Looks good on paper, yet again. But given their history of hyping up everything, ill believe it when I see some real world performances.

    1. Agreed, but this time it’s A15 based, and supports LTE. Two things greatly missing from the Tegra 3, and why the Snapdragon S4 owns it.

  5. It will be the same as any other tegra device, battery life will suck and it will over heat.

    1. My Transformer Prime never really overheats and battery life is amazing. This is all with heavy usage and lots of gaming.

      The only downside is how the Tegra 3 chip feels so slow but I think that might have to do with the internal memory rather than the SoC.

  6. They fooled me once with the hype for Tegra 3.

  7. All that processing power is great & dandy but until they “fully” solve the LTE connectivity issue that lurks around this is a dead issue in my book. Please someone enlighten me as to how well the One X+ actually works in its LTE or overheating that has plagued basically every Tegra chipset. Last I heard this was still a problem & lets not mention Nvidia doesn’t own any patents on LTE. Which means they have to license from Samsung Qualcom or TI. Hope I dont sound too pessimistic as I wish them much success

  8. The Tegras always look good on paper but usually end up beaten by the time an phone actually launches with it. Lol.

  9. All of the above specs, plus the mandatory requirement to carry an automotive grade battery in your bag.

    1. True, I would expect this needing to be 28nm or smaller process tech to be usable in a reasonably sized phone.

  10. Bring it!

  11. Anybody notice it was a windows tablet running android :)

  12. I used my old Transformer for two days then returned it for and newer iPad. The Transformer was slow and did not have the battery life of the iPad.

  13. I want my $199 nexus 7 with tegra 4 now

    1. Bet that’ll launch with Key Lime Pie.

    2. That may actually get me to buy a tablet

  14. LOL never buying another Tegra product ever again.

  15. Sounds like impressive stuff. Loving the specs. I’m just hoping they can fix the piss poor I/O performance that Tegra 3 suffered from.

  16. In the mobile sector it ultimately comes down to battery life. The Tegra SoCs did not as good as their respective Qualcomm competitors in the past. The S4 Pro in my Padfone 2 for example, is incredibly good at saving battery. I believe it has, to a great degree, to do with radios used for WiFi, 4G, 3G and 2G. A Tegra 2 could go for days in Flightmode, but only barely made the day when the radios were on. (at least on my Phone).

    I hope, for the sake of competition, that nVidia gets it right with the Tegra 4.
    But for now I am very pleased with what Qualcomm has done with the S4 Pro.

  17. Anyone notice he is holding a windows tablet

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