NVIDIA Announces Shield: Android Gaming Handheld, Portable Console


Well we weren’t expecting this: with the Android-based OUYA console rocking NVIDIA processors set to launch in March, we felt the Android gaming market was about to see a first mover advantage. That might not be the case: at their CES 2013 press conference, NVIDIA announced a pure Android handheld gaming device that they call “Shield”.

They accidentally announced it as the project’s codename, first calling it “Project Thor”, then revising it to “Project Shield”, and finally unveiling it as simply “Shield”. The name comes due to the pop up screens shape and the shield it self is customizable- because they’re hoping you have several devices under one roof.

Referring to it as “a set top box that can travel with you wherever you want to go”, it seems NVIDIA is really trying to shake things up. Until now, NVIDIA has largely relied on supplying the processors for the final product of other OEM’s. With Shield, that tried and true model could change dramatically, and for the huge benefit of NVIDIA.

Check out some screencaps of the livestream:

The Shield offers a full Android experience and you can get all of your owned content purchased from the Play Store, but they also offer their own Tegra Zone experience as well. Shield comes with 4k streaming support and many other ass kicking specs like Tegra 4 processor and multi-player action, which we’ll dig up and share as soon as we have our hands on them.

This is a developing story and we’ll be following it closely to bring you all the content we possibly can. Until then, visit our NVIDIA Shield Forums on to discuss amongst yourselves!

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  1. Did they ever give a price ?

    1. Nope, but they said it is still a project. If anything they’re still trying to grab attention of investors.

      Btw, Big Picture for Android. NEED I SAY MORE!?

      1. dude WUT lol. when they eventually got Assassins Creed 3 running, I was like EHMAHGERD. Threw my wallet at my router.

    2. no. im expecting this thing to be in the $275-$300 range

      1. unlikely, unless carriers sell it at a subsidized on-contract price for the data. My guess is around $400-$450. Full Android tablet, albeit smaller, with a controller, latest Tegra tech, and the ability to plug-n-play. Apple doesn’t know how to play ball let alone hold this one in their court.

        1. BUTAPPLEMADEDISFIRST!!! I can see the buzzards circling already to claim its a stolen product. bastards >_<

          1. Their scrambling the jets to see how they can work one of their old hat patents into a future Apple device the courts can identify with.

  2. Set-top box that can travel with you makes a lot more sense than the ouya.

  3. nope, not going to work.

    1. If it runs on batteries and has an accessible power button, it should work pretty easily.

      1. look at the market right now, tablets and smartphones are everywhere. do you really need to carry that much of devices to go out?

        1. Its not so much a necessity to carry, but the inability to carry. I don’t put controllers in my pocket. This is while portable gaming systems are flat and narrow. This thing looks bulky in all directions. Not trying to hate though, because on a coffee table, this thing would reign supreme over several TV connected devices.

          1. My thoughts exactly, with Steam Big Picture, and the hint at Miracast support. Devices like this will kill consoles. Plus. when you go on a long trip, it can go with you. Easily.

        2. Another Handheld? Do they not see that DS and VITA are doing as great as their companies would have liked them to due to the Smartphone market????

    2. If something like this was announced by Apple you would be drooling over the images.

      Leave troll.

  4. N-Gage part two electric boogaloo.

    1. Someone knows ED

  5. looks fugly, expensive and totally not needed.. nvidia – please stick to chips.

  6. Mutherf’ing bombs dropped

  7. Poor kids of mine. They won’t ever want to get outside for a ball game. I wonder if my wife will consider me playing computer games with them a quality upbringing.

  8. This looks silly, and not at all portable, and I have no interest in carrying yet-another-device. My phone and sometimes an e-reader are all the electronics I need. Stick to GPUs and SOCs NVIDIA.

  9. The smaller Moga gamepad (not the pro) seems more practical and you don’t have to carry around a second device.

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